15 Minute FPS Tutorial

Follow the instructions to use our FPS plugin to make a FPS game really quickly!

Rohan and Luke Prove that this Works[edit]


Download our handy plugin[edit]

You can find the plugin here.

Open ROBLOX Studio[edit]

If you do not have Roblox studio, please go to Roblox.com and click "Play Now". Follow the instructions to install Roblox studio on to your system.

NOTE: If you want other people to be able to play the game you are making, you have to make an account on Roblox.com.

Install plugin[edit]

  1. Unzip the plugin file you downloaded. Save the folder in an easy to access place. We will be dragging it to the correct location in the next step.
  2. Open roblox studio. On the top, click Tools -> Open Plugins Folder.
  3. Drag the folder you unzipped earlier to this window that you opened up through Roblox Studio. NOTE: if you unzipped the folder and there is ANOTHER folder inside of it with the same name, drag the one inside of the original folder to the plugins folder.
  4. Close the plugins window.

Create A New Place[edit]

This is where you define where your game will be published.

  1. Go to Roblox.com and login.
  2. Click "My ROBLOX" and then click "Places".
  3. Click "Create Game Place".
  4. Fill out the form.
    • "Name" is the name of the game.
    • "Classic Place" means your game can have from 6 to 20 (3 vs 3 up to 10 vs 10) players (you can choose how many). "Megaplace" means it will hold 30 players (15 vs 15).
    • "Choose Template Place" doesn't matter because we will be overwriting it once we finish our game.
  5. Click "Create".

Setup Your Workspace[edit]

  1. Back in Roblox Studio, go to File -> New. This will open up a new place labeled Place1. At the top where all your menu buttons are, you will see an icon that looks like this: FPSicon.png
  2. Before moving on, go ahead and build your base plate.
    1. To do this, First go to Insert -> Object. Click "Part" from the list and click OK.
    2. On the right in the Properties menu (lower left box), scroll down and click on the box next to "Anchored" and the box next to "Locked" so they both have a check mark in them.
    3. Scroll down more and click on the numbers next to Size. Highlight them and type how big you want your map top be. Example: 150, 1.2, 200 will make your map be 150 "studs" long by 200 "studs" wide. The 1.2 stays the same because that is the thickness of the plate and there's no need to change that number. Hit Enter and watch your little Part become way bigger!
  3. Roblox Studio should look something like the picture below. Note the FPS Icon at the top right and the big base plate.
    Click image to enlarge

Use the plugin to configure your FPS & Set Capture points[edit]

  1. Click the FPS icon (FPSicon.png).
  2. Select Capture Points from the dropdown menu marked Game Mode.
  3. Set the amount of time each round should last for.
  4. Click "Place Control Points" and place as many control points as you want. When you are done, click Done on the left side and Done again in the FPS Configuration Menu.

Add Spawn Locations & Build your map[edit]

  1. Click the Toolbox Icon (Looks like 2 crossing Wrenches).
  2. You have to place 2 spawn location points (One for red team and one for blue team). Click and Drag the Red Block with a spiralstar on it (NOT the one with a flag) to the location on your map where you want the red team to spawn. Do the same with the Blue Block with the spiralstar on it and place it on your map somewhere as well.
  3. Click on the Inventory Tab inside the Toolbox and search for models you want for your game. These are all immovable objects so look for things like Sandbags for cover, or tanks and hummers for ambiance (since it is a war zone after all) or towers to climb on to so people that play your game have sniping locations. Get creative, this is the fun part - Level Design. Don't be afraid to to build your own set pieces out of parts (Insert -> Object, select part, make it the size of a house or bunker that players can run around or stack parts on top of each other to make your own bunker).
  4. The pictures below show how your level can evolve during this stage.

Publish to ROBLOX[edit]

  1. When you are done and ready to publish the game so other can play it, click File -> Publish to ROBLOX.
  2. The Login Screen will pop up if you are not logged in. Go ahead and login and click Update.
    Upload Screen.PNG
  3. Hit "Select" next to the name of your game that you set up earlier in the Create A New Place step. This will overwrite the Template Place that was created to the game you just made!! You are seconds away from playing your game!

Play it[edit]

  1. Go back to Roblox.com in your Internet Browser.
  2. Click "My ROBLOX" and then "Places" underneath it.
  3. Click the Plus Icon next to the name of your game and click the big green button that reads "Play".
  4. Play your game! Invite your friends so you can shoot them in the face. :)


  • Press C on the keyboard while playing to change your class (different class = different weapons) and when you die next, you will respawn as the selected class.
  • Press Q to open up the leaderboard.
  • Standing next to the capture point will start to claim the point for your team and after standing on it for a bit, it will change colors to the color of your team and start giving your team points (listed at the top of the screen). The team with the most points wins after the round ends.
The final result.