A full description on how to use sounds in your game can be found here.

How Music Helps a Game

Music in your game can help with several things...

  • Gives professional appearance (or rather, sound)
  • Makes the game more fun
  • Creates a mood

For these reasons, or more, you may want to use sounds.

Uploading your Music

Sounds can be uploaded for a fee scaled on their lengths.

Length Cost
0-10 seconds R$20
10-30 seconds R$35
30 seconds - 2 minutes R$70
2 - 7 minutes R$350

Finding Music

In the Catalog, there is a tab that lists all audio which can be found here. This includes all of the user and administrator uploaded music!

Audio Page

This is an audio file page. From here you can preview the audio, put it in your inventory and comment on it.


Configure Page

The Configure page can be accessed from the audio page of any audio file you have uploaded. You can get to it by pressing the cog and choosing "Configure" from the drop-down menu. It has many options to help you customize your audio file.

The Configure page has the following options:

  • Name: Allows you to configure the audio file's name.
  • Description: A summary of the audio file.
  • Turn comments on/off: Choose whether or not this item is open for comments.
  • Genre: Classify your audio to help people find it.
  • Make Free: Choose whether or not this item is freely available.
  • Version History: Allows you to revert to a previous version of the audio file.

To preview an audio file, press the small play button (AudioPlay.png).

Implementing Audio

Audio files can be used in Places, and can make them atmospheric, add feeling and create a mood.

To add audio to your Place, while there are a number of creative ways our builders can use sound, to simply insert an audio file, do the following:

  1. Find a sound (or upload one) on the website and get the asset ID, which is the number at the end of the URL.
  2. Open Roblox Studio and open a place in Edit Mode.
  3. Open your Basic Objects panel and double-click "Sound". Make sure it's in Workspace.
  4. Once there, click the Sound icon to open up properties.
  5. Next to “SoundId”, enter "" plus the asset ID (Example:
  6. Now click on StarterGui, and double-click "LocalScript".
  7. Remove "print 'Hello world!" and enter the following script: game.Workspace.Sound:Play()
  8. Publish to Roblox and save your game.


Some Roblox users have taken the initiative and created their own music playing scripts. Combined with custom programs that convert MIDI songs into Roblox MIDI songs that run with the script, songs can be played. One of the best collections so far can be found in this set by Aaaboy97. These use Blobbyblob's MIDI. There are 3 known scripts that will play custom music. All of the MIDI scripts on Roblox use the pitch property of sounds to create the correct sound. Many also contain a database of different sounds you can use, and the fact that some of the scripts load

MIDI, by Blobbyblob.

The MIDI made by Blobbyblob has several advantages. These include.

  • Having a composing tool
  • You do not need a reference table to use it, the keys are human readable.

RIDI, by Brandonhare

The RIDI made by Brandonhare also is nice. The code itself used to play the music is shorter, so once you memorize the reference keys, it's quite simple to write music.

Komposers Kit

The Komposers Kit made by Ozzypig is another nice MIDI alternative for Roblox.

Using Preload

Sometimes in your game you won't be able to listen to music because the sound ID didn't load yet. The solution to this problem is the Preload method

With this method, the end user will be able to listen to the sound in your game bringing a joyful and happy mood to their face!

Roblox uploaded songs

These songs were uploaded by Roblox. The quality is generally better than the ones you would find that were made by a MIDI. However, it doesn't have a graphical music composer, and it doesn't have a music collection.

Songs = {
	["Gothic"] = {
		Artist = "Zero Project",
		ItemId = " = 27697743",
		DatabaseId = "",
		Length = 346.464
	["Hip Hop"] = {
		Artist = "Jeff Syndicate",
		ItemId = " = 27697735",
		DatabaseId = "",
		Length = 228.672
	["Flight of the Bumblebee"] = {
		Artist = "Daniel Bautista",
		ItemId = " = 27697719",
		DatabaseId = "",
		Length = 108.016327
	["Music for a Film"] = {
		Artist = "Daniel Bautista",
		ItemId = " = 27697713",
		DatabaseId = "",
		Length = 226.008
	["Intro"] = {
		Artist = "Daniel Bautista",
		ItemId = " = 27697707",
		DatabaseId = "",
		Length = 156.312
	["Better Off Alone (remix)"] = {
		Artist = "DJ Glejs",
		ItemId = " = 27697392",
		DatabaseId = "",
		Length = 362.016
	["Foggy Mountain Breakdown"] = {
		Artist = "Flatt & Scruggs",
		ItemId = " = 27697298",
		DatabaseId = "",
		Length = 163.728
	["Awakening"] = {
		Artist = "Positively Dark",
		ItemId = " = 27697277",
		DatabaseId = "",
		Length = 268.056
	["Entertainer Rag"] = {
		Artist = "Scott Joplin",
		ItemId = " = 27697267",
		DatabaseId = "",
		Length = 265.68
	["Resist (remix)"] = {
		Artist = "Mubarek",
		ItemId = " = 27697234",
		DatabaseId = "",
		Length = 446.184

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