Change log

Note:As of June 2016, the official changelog is now on the Developer Forums

This page contains the changes made to Roblox Client, Studio and Mobile since September 2014. It is kept up to date by Roblox engineers.

Date Type Details
10 June 2016 Changelog Changelog is now kept on the Developer Forums
8 June 2016 Client Enabled method InsertService:GetLatestAssetVersionAsync()
11 December 2015 Studio Solid Model (Union) Collision Fidelity options enables
11 December 2015 Studio Animation Editor 3.0 Update
11 December 2015 Studio New Terrain Generation tool.
11 December 2015 Studio Smooth Terrain brush tools have a new checkbox to ignore water.
11 December 2015 Studio Smooth Terrain Regions tool can now fill selected region with terrain of choice.
9 November 2015 Studio Added Explorer Filter
22 October 2015 Studio Added "Copy ID to Clipboard" for Places and Developer Products in Game Explorer.
15 October 2015 Studio Added "Copy Image Path" for images in Game Explorer.
15 October 2015 Studio Added "See All Tutorials" button to Tutorial panel.
15 October 2015 Studio Changed window title for Studio running in Server/Player mode. Depending upon the mode, now window title starts with Server or Player name and the same name being shown in document tab as well.
15 October 2015 Client/Studio Anchored seats no longer make you float
15 October 2015 Client/Studio 9Slice Gui Proportions Fix
15 October 2015 Client/Studio Horizontal scrollbars should now display properly.
15 October 2015 Client/Studio GroupService:GetGroupsAsync() enabled
13 October 2015 Client/Studio TextScaled now can use all font sizes up to 96.
13 October 2015 Studio Added an option - "Clear Output On Start" in Studio settings, to clear output panel on start of play solo, run or opening of a new document.
5 October 2015 Client/Studio/RCC UserInputService:GetFocusedTextBox() and TextBox:IsFocused() are enabled.
5 October 2015 Client/Studio/RCC RunService:IsServer(), RunService:IsClient(), RunService:IsRunMode(), and RunService:IsStudio() are enabled.
5 October 2015 Studio Indenting on 'else' statements should work correctly now.
5 October 2015 Client/Studio/RCC Pasting into TextBoxes now works with CapsLock on.
29 September 2015 Client/Studio/RCC Fixed GUI reordering bug and GUI tweening bug.
29 September 2015 Client/Studio/RCC Added additional error messages for images, sounds and animations that failed to load.
28 September 2015 Client/Studio/RCC Fixed several GUI related issues.
28 September 2015 Client/Studio/RCC Enabled game.Players.PreferredPlayers
28 September 2015 Client/Studio Improved GUI word wrapping.
28 September 2015 Client/Studio Enabled setting listener position. SoundService:SetListener()
28 September 2015 Client/Studio Enabled getting character appearance for arbitrary userIds. Players:GetCharacterAppearanceAsync()
24 September 2015 Client/Studio/RCC Default camera and control scripts will no longer save when in PlaySolo mode.
24 September 2015 Client Guests will be prompted to create an account if they attempt to purchase a developer product.
24 September 2015 Client/Studio/RCC Fixed several ScrollingFrame bugs.
24 September 2015 Studio Fixed bug in script highlight context search. Strings with special characters no longer get searched.
22 September 2015 Client/Studio/RCC Workspace:FindPartOnRay now also returns material of the point that was hit
22 September 2015 Client/Studio/RCC Enabled new CSG collision algorithm for PGS; it's significantly faster for simple CSG.
17 September 2015 Client/Studio/RCC Cylinders are actually cylinders now! Also you can resize them in 2 axes.
10 September 2015 Client New in-game settings menu.
9 September 2015 Studio Studio camera moves at 60 fps instead of 30 when zooming around with WASD keys
9 September 2015 Client/Studio Revamped LinkedScripts. Allow ModuleScripts to use LinkedScripts, and added simplified UI for creating and updating your own linked scripts (as opposed to linked scripts authored by roblox). See the Linked Scripts Wiki Page for more information.
9 September 2015 Client/Studio Animation speed can be negative and AnimationTrack.TimePosition can be used to set the specific time of the animation track.
9 September 2015 Client/Studio Humanoid max slope climb and jump power can now be configured.
9 September 2015 Client/Studio New particle emitter properties are now available.
9 September 2015 Studio Fixed auto save to avoid duplicate saves.
8 September 2015 Client Custom Loading GUIs for Teleports are now enabled.
8 September 2015 Client StarterGui:SetCore() and StarterGui:GetCore() are now enabled.
4 September 2015 Client/Studio New font faces (italic/light) and sizes (e.g. 96) are available.
3 September 2015 Client/Studio Increase scrolling frame scroll speed with consecutive mouse wheels.
28 August 2015 Client/Studio Hide deprecated Enums in auto complete.
28 August 2015 Client/Studio New Sound.Ended event
28 August 2015 Client/Studio Sounds more accurate far away from the origin.
28 August 2015 Client/Studio New property Players.MaxPlayers
28 August 2015 Client/Studio New property Tool.RequiresHandle
28 August 2015 Client/Studio New lua function debug.traceback() that returns a string containing the current call stack.
13 August 2015 Studio Updated Tutorial panel to new format.
13 August 2015 Studio Newly inserted part is added to current selection.
12 August 2015 Client/Studio Humanoid, Player, and StarterPlayer now have a new property called AutoJumpEnabled that determines whether or not mobile platforms will cause the default character to jump automatically when approaching an obstacle.
11 August 2015 Client/Studio Enabled new color palette with 128 colors. See BrickColor_Codes for the complete list.
10 August 2015 Client/Studio Humanoid.SetStateEnabled() and Humanoid.GetStateEnabled() are now enabled to allow developers to better control the Humanoid state machines.
10 August 2015 Client/Studio Changed Model:MoveTo() to no longer align to a grid.
10 August 2015 Client/Studio Deprecated Player:IsBestFriendsWith()
10 August 2015 Client/Studio Changed character spawning to check for geometry intersection before changing to a more general bounds checking. This should make spawning under large tilted parts more accurate.
10 August 2015 Client/Studio Changed MarketplaceService:PlayerOwnsAsset() to return false for guests rather than error.
6 August 2015 Client/Studio WaitForChild now detects when a child's name changes, not just when a child is added.
6 August 2015 Client/Studio Players.PlayerAdded and Players.PlayerRemoving events now fire for LocalScripts, not just server Scripts
6 August 2015 Studio Enabled performance improvements for Studio startup.
23 July 2015 Client/Studio Added Workspace.FallenPartsDestroyHeight
23 July 2015 Studio Added undo/redo behavior for primary parts.
23 July 2015 Studio Updated ribbon bar layout.
23 July 2015 Studio Usability changes for inserts done from Toolbox.
23 July 2015 Client/Studio Added Humanoid.AnimationPlayed, AnimationController.AnimationPlayed, and AnimationTrack.Animation
23 July 2015 Server Fixed occasional server crash when using BadgeService.AwardBadge
16 July 2015 Client/Studio Fixed bug that prevented ReplicatedFirst scripts from running before terrain finished loading.
16 July 2015 Client/Studio Fixed Player:GetFriendsOnline()
16 July 2015 Client/Studio Added Players:GetFriendsAsync()
6 July 2015 Client/Studio New Developer Console Stats (Scripts and Jobs).
2 July 2015 Client/Studio New Developer Console UI.
2 July 2015 Client/Studio Added Players:GetNameFromUserIdAsync()
2 July 2015 Client/Studio Added Players:GetUserIdFromNameAsync()
1 July 2015 Mobile Enable new task scheduling algorithm that makes framerate more stable
30 June 2015 Client/Studio Enable experimental physics engine (available as a Workspace option)
29 June 2015 Client/Studio Fix crash for negative ZIndex on Adornments
25 June 2015 Client/Studio New part material: Neon
18 June 2015 Client/Studio Water reflections and terrain normal maps are now visible on quality 8+
18 June 2015 Client/Studio Significantly improve collision response for cars on smooth terrain
11 June 2015 Studio New Transform Dragger released
11 June 2015 Client/Studio Terrain:CountCells is now more accurate for smooth terrain
11 June 2015 Client/Studio New smooth terrain materials are live!
4 June 2015 Client/Studio Fix character bouncing on flat smooth terrain baseplate
3 June 2015 Client/Studio Fix black lines in low quality on smooth terrain
28 May 2015 Client/Studio Fix missed collisions with smooth terrain
27 May 2015 Client/Studio Smooth Terrain is enabled!
27 May 2015 Client/Studio Fixed SpecialMesh.Offset behavior for rotated parts
27 May 2015 Client Roblox Chat CoreGui window is now moved up to be flush with the top bar.
27 May 2015 Client/Studio New API For Seat/VehicleSeat. Property - Occupant -The humanoid that is sitting in the seat.
27 May 2015 Client/Studio New API for Humanoid. Property - SeatPart - The seat the humanoid is sitting in. Event - Seated(bool active, Instance currentSeatPart)
27 May 2015 Client New Heads Up Display for VehicleSeats
21 May 2015 Studio You can now choose graphics quality in Studio "Edit" mode using Studio settings (EditQualityLevel in Rendering settings)
21 May 2015 Client/Studio Developers now have read access to MasterVolume and SavedQualityLevel (Graphics Quality) on the UserGameSettings object.
21 May 2015 Client/Studio Added optional message to Player.Kick function to be displayed to player.
21 May 2015 Client/Studio Fixed bugs causing rapid ladder climbing in some cases and walk animations to continue to play when seated.
7 May 2015 Client/Studio Added an option to ignore water cells in ray casts.
7 May 2015 Client/Studio Developer Console is now modal.
7 May 2015 Client/Studio The player's username in the Topbar CoreGUI will now be hidden when both Playerlist and Healthbar CoreGUIs are disabled.
28 April 2015 Client/Studio Fixed a defect that was causing inadvertent deletion of Joints appearing in the Explorer tree when the parent PartInstance is moved out of the Workspace.
27 April 2015 Client/Studio Enabled math.noise for fast 3D Perlin noise computation
27 April 2015 Client/Studio ArcHandles now draws two handles per axis instead of one.
23 April 2015 Client Custom particles have been released.
23 April 2015 Studio Fixed 'Tools' inserted from Toolbox to be added into start pack.
23 April 2015 Client Roblox Core-GUI elements are now moved up into a bar at the top of the screen called the topbar; all user created GUIs will now be moved down by the thickness of the topbar. In addition, the topbar's opacity can be set to solid.
23 April 2015 Client/Studio The console ("f9") in a group game should now show server logs to anyone who can edit that game in studio.
23 April 2015 Client/Studio WaitForChild should now work even if called on an instance that is not in the DataModel.
23 April 2015 Client/Studio Script reentrancy errors now show the function connected to the event that could not be called
9 April 2015 Client Updated in-game settings menu.
9 April 2015 Studio Replaced action for "?" on ribbon bar with 'Online Help'.
9 April 2015 Studio Updated icons for Properties and Explorer actions in view tab.
2 April 2015 Studio Updated spawn instance default values.
27 March 2015 Studio CSG operations are available for scripting in plugins.
23 March 2015 Client Enabled improved Humanoid movement when standing on moving platforms.
17 March 2015 Client Enabled new name and health bars. Enabled new health bar and name visibility enum (DisplayDistanceType)
13 March 2015 Client Game.VIPServerId now reports a unique GUID in VIP Server instances.
11 March 2015 Studio Fixed Decal insert behavior.
10 March 2015 Studio ReplicatedFirst works with Start Player + Server.
10 March 2015 Studio Fixed paste behavior for decals.
10 March 2015 Studio Added tab weight for inactive ribbon bar tabs.
10 March 2015 Studio Added an option to enable multiple parts dragging to be treated as single part dragging.
26 February 2015 Client New in-game purchase dialog GUI.
26 February 2015 Studio+Client New Bubble Chat and Dialog appearance.
26 February 2015 Studio Added 'Recent Saves'.
26 February 2015 Client Player's hitting their heads on things will be less likely to make them fall down.
25 February 2015 Studio Idle event in PluginMouse now works
24 February 2015 Client Enabled new in-game notifications (Player points, badges, friend request, etc.).
24 February 2015 Client Re-enabled new PlayerList. Can now follow and un-follow players from the player list.
23 February 2015 Studio+Client Enabled surface light
23 February 2015 Client Humanoid Health & MaxHealth should now replicate properly when MaxHealth is larger than 100.
13 February 2015 Client Added Sound:Resume() API.
12 February 2015 Studio Saving in XML format now supports CDATA for scripts (if they do not have "]]>" in them). This should improve human readability, especially if you use source control and need to manage script merges.
12 February 2015 Studio+Client Respawning at SpawnLocations now use the orientation of the SpawnLocation object to determine player facing. Player objects now have new property "RespawnLocation" that will be used as the next respawn location for that player if it is set to a valid SpawnLocation object.
28 January 2015 Studio Preferred spawn name is now respected when testing teleports in studio. Selection objects no longer allow objects that are not in the data model via the lua Set method (previously, if a selection transitioned out of the data model it was already being excluded from the Selection). Game image uploading from studio was simplified, where the image name is auto-guessed based on file name. Also, bulk game image uploading from studio has been added.
29 January 2015 Studio Switching between document tabs can be done using standard shortcut i.e. 'Ctrl+Tab'.
28 January 2015 Studio Added new Folder object
26 January 2015 Client Turned on new Backpack and Playerlist for Desktop & Android devices
23 January 2015 Mobile iOS App v180: New layout for iPhone; updated layout for iPad; Home page that shows Favorites, Recently Played, and other personal details; Added Friends & Followers functionality; New in-game GUI's - in-game chat, player list, and backpack
22 January 2015 Server Signals no longer disconnect failing connections ("Disconnected event because of exception" no longer happens).
22 January 2015 Client Turn on Sound.TimePosition and Sound.TimeLength.
20 January 2015 Studio+Client Signals no longer disconnect failing connections ("Disconnected event because of exception" no longer happens). Server change will follow shortly
13 January 2015 Mobile iOS App v176: Enabled User search; enabled "Join Friend's game"; Ad Colony fix
12 January 2015 Studio Enabled chat in studio play solo and start server/player
12 January 2015 Client Turned off Sound.TimePosition and Sound.TimeLength due to bugs.
12 January 2015 Studio Updated default shapes for TextLabel and TextButton.
12 January 2015 Studio Added an option to enable Paint and Material actions to be used as a tool.
8 January 2015 Client Master audio muting is now more reliable.
8 January 2015 Studio Newly created places no longer add stock sounds under SoundService.
8 January 2015 Client Turn on Sound.TimePosition and Sound.TimeLength.
7 January 2015 Studio Enabled developer product purchase testing in studio (YOU WILL STILL BE CHARGED SALES TAX when making test purchases). Enabled Universe name editing via the game explorer. Moved add/configure options for places, developer products and images into context menu (right click menu) for the game explorer.
12 December 2014 Studio+Client Unions are now stored and streamed from the cloud.
11 December 2014 Studio New organized ribbon bar layout enabled.
11 December 2014 Client Non repetitive tiling enabled for Cobblestone material
11 December 2014 Client Place thumbnails now show images uploaded from new studio UI
11 December 2014 Client New visuals for explosions
10 December 2014 Client Unions now support light grid shadowing.
10 December 2014 Studio Enabled Plugin:OpenScript() to work on ModuleScripts, and fixed a bug related to stale named images showing when using File->Publish As to publish a place from one universe to another.
8 December 2014 Studio Insert instances at mouse click if inserted using context menu.
8 December 2014 Studio Command bar remembers the value that was there before pressing "Up Arrow".
8 December 2014 Studio Added 'Help' option in context menus.
20 November 2014 Studio Added new Image picker widget in the properties window for textures. Added context menu item to Image items that inserts a decal under the current selection. Fixed a bug where stale images were shown if you use File -> Publish As and publish a place to a different game (not the game you edited in).
17 November 2014 Studio Enabled document tabs re-ordering using mouse drag.
13 November 2014 Studio Added support for image uploading from studio, and image referencing using a new url format "rbxgameasset://Images/(ImageName)". New URL format only works for images uploaded from studio for that particular game.
13 November 2014 Client StarterPlayer enabled
11 November 2014 Client New Loading Screen + ReplicatedFirst.
10 November 2014 Client Animations will now trigger the Stopped event on completion
6 November 2014 Client Sounds respect delayed stop
6 November 2014 Server Enabled new URI parser
6 November 2014 Client Turned on new chat system.
6 November 2014 Client Fixed issue where long/large sounds would cause a stutter and consume lots of memory.
4 November 2014 API FilterStringForPlayerAsync(string, player) returns an appropriately filtered string for the player passed in.
29 October 2014 Client New textures for forcefield glow and sparkles, fixed default sparkle color. Fixed a particle-related crash on ancient graphics hardware.
27 October 2014 Studio Quit dialog when closing a place opened with Edit is now a native dialog.
27 October 2014 Studio Open start page with login option if user is not logged in.
23 October 2014 Client rbxasset:// URLs are properly sandboxed - rbxasset://../ no longer works
23 October 2014 Client New looks for sparkles, fire, smoke and forcefield
22 October 2014 Client After years of neglect, the Offset property in SpecialMesh object works
17 October 2014 Client Temporarily disabled code execution through developer console due to an exploit risk
17 October 2014 API Mobile Accelerometer and Gyroscope APIs added to UserInputService.
17 October 2014 Studio Added device emulator
16 October 2014 Client Decals are now rendered with anisotropic filtering on medium/high rendering quality
16 October 2014 Client PointsService:GetAwardablePoints() now always returns max int.
16 October 2014 Client Fixed an issue where mouse cursor was not resetting properly.
16 October 2014 Client PointsService can now award negative points.
16 October 2014 Client Fixed issue where character would enter ladder climbing state without being near geometry.
16 October 2014 Client Camera target will now be set to the local character after respawn when the camera type is Custom, Follow, Track or Watch.
13 October 2014 Client Introduced smooth path functionality to PathfindingService.
9 October 2014 Web Significantly increased texture quality for character thumbnails.
9 October 2014 Client Fixed issue where cursor could be locked when using Settings menu to turn off MouseLock mode.
9 October 2014 Client Improved walking over small parts welded to anchored objects.
8 October 2014 Studio Added ability to edit place and developer product names directly in Game Explorer
8 October 2014 Studio Added ability to add new places to a universe directly in Game Explorer
8 October 2014 Studio Fixed a bad interaction between Game Explorer and the new game Playable Devices filter
8 October 2014 Studio Removed Open New Place on First Launch.
8 October 2014 Studio Removed Open Last Place Closed.
6 October 2014 Client Added a volume slider to the Settings menu.
2 October 2014 Studio Modified default mode for "Debug Errors" to 'Never'.
2 October 2014 Studio Fix plugin compatibility issues with Script Analysis.
30 September 2014 Studio Added a new command to cleanup child processes (server/player) launched by Studio.
25 September 2014 Client/Studio Enabled smooth scaling for text. Text has to be "TextWrapped" and "TextScaled" enabled to have this feature.
25 September 2014 Studio Teleports within a Game now work inside of Play Solo.
25 September 2014 Client/Studio Removed the size restriction when resizing Unions.
25 September 2014 Client Fixed several errors where TouchEnded was not behaving as expected.
25 September 2014 Client Added LocalTransparencyModifier to Part. The local character now becomes transparent when zoomed in.
25 September 2014 Studio Better feedback for readonly check-boxes in Properties view
25 September 2014 Studio Renamed 'Help Wiki' to 'Context Help'
22 September 2014 Client Hidden root part of characters are no longer collidable. Only the visible Torso remains collidable.
22 September 2014 Client Characters will no longer detect other characters as ladders.
22 September 2014 Client Character physics modified slightly to prevent bouncing when stepping on small, unanchored objects.
20 September 2014 Client A notification now appears in the bottom right corner when your player has been awarded a badge.
18 September 2014 Studio Enabled an experimental 'script analysis' engine: Script analysis
17 September 2014 Android v167 Android client released.
17 September 2014 Client Enabled humanoid scaling. Package meshes now scale based on the size of the parent part, and so do shirts and pants.
15 September 2014 Studio Baseplate has been repositioned and resized for new places.
15 September 2014 Studio Dragger grid will now be set to 1 by default for new users.
15 September 2014 Studio Parts inserted through Studio will now be symmetric by default.
11 September 2014 API Added 'spawn' and 'elapsedTime' globals. 'Spawn'/'ElapsedTime' still work but are now deprecated in an effort to use lowerCamelCase for all relevant globals.
11 September 2014 API Fixed HttpService's trust check issues.
11 September 2014 API Attempts to connect to RunService.RenderStepped event on the server now cause a script error.
11 September 2014 Client Enabled new character sounds
10 September 2014 Studio Publishing from Game Panel
4 September 2014 Client Client-side loadstring() no longer works; LocalScripts with LinkedSource property set also no longer work.
3 September 2014 Studio Model save/publish now uses binary file format. You can save models as 'rbxmx' files to use XML.
28 August 2014 Client Improved humanoid touch signal -- fires more reliably now
28 August 2014 Client Reduced humanoid bounce falling from a high distance
28 August 2014 Android Phone users can sign up
27 August 2014 Client Touch Gestures now return processed booleans as true as long as gesture is over a visible gui element
22 August 2014 Android Play Now button will log you in if you entered login details
21 August 2014 API New service GroupService, with methods GetGroupInfoAsync, GetAlliesAsync, and GetEnemiesAsync.