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A real-valued RGB color tuple, with elements ranging from [0,1]. The Color3 data type is often used in setting the colors of objects that aren't related to bricks, such as GUIs, Sparkles, etc.


These Constructors are used for creating Color3 values.

Constructor Description Creates a new Color3 for black (0,0,0). r, number g, number b) Creates a new Color3 using RGB values from 0 to 1.
Color3.fromRGB(number r, number g, number b) Creates a new Color3 using integer values from 0 to 255.
Color3.fromHSV(number h, number s, number v) Creates a new Color3 using HSV values from 0 to 1.

Static Methods[edit]

Function Description
Color3.toHSV(Color3 color) Returns the HSV representation of a Color3 as 3 numbers (with values between 0-1)


Property Type Description
Color3.r number The red value from 0 to 1
Color3.g number The green value from 0 to 1
Color3.b number The blue value from 0 to 1


Member Function Description
Color3:lerp(Color3 goal, number alpha) returns a Color3 interpolated between this Color3 and the goal by the fraction alpha

Converting BrickColor in to Color3[edit]

You can easily convert your BrickColor into Color3 format by simply doing something like this!

local brickcolor ="Really red") --Create our new BrickColor
local color = brickcolor.Color --BrickColors have a Color property that returns their Color3

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