Creation Ideas

Even the best builders occasionally run out of ideas.

Here's some that might help you make a place:

  • Themed obstacle course
  • Medieval RPG
  • Colorful Brickbattle
  • Explore / Build on Islands (Flying or in the ocean)
  • Survive on an island
  • Climb something
  • Jump down something
  • Fly airplanes
  • Find hidden stuff
  • Run from a monster
  • Sandcastles
  • Themed tycoon

Many great builders get their inspiration from another game. You could look on the Games Page for more ideas! Be sure not to steal any original ideas, though.

Once you have an idea for a place, open up Roblox Studio and start building! If you have difficulty building a place, try the Forums, or read about your issues or bugs on the wiki.

If a script doesn't work, try posting it in scripting helpers to see if they can get it fixed.

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