Explorer Window

The Explorer Window allows you to see everything inside of your Roblox place in what's called a Hierarchy view.

When you left click on an object in the Explorer window, you can see all the properties of that object inside the Properties Window.

A place's objects in the Explorer Window.

Hierarchies, and You!

The Explorer window lets you see all of the objects, and how those objects relate to each other. This is where a lot of terms like "this object is inside it's parent" or "this object is a child of this one" comes from.

This is actually really simple. Here's a very simplified hierarchy:

  • Workspace
    • Part
      • Script

In this case, the Script is inside of the Part, and the Part is inside of the Workspace. Also, the Script is a Child of Part, and the Part is the Parent of Script:

  • Parent
    • Child

Parents are always a step higher than their children.

Click the plus icons to see the children of that object, you can keep expanding until you get to the last child object.