The Friends page is where you view all of your Friends. You can also add or remove Best Friends and edit your friends.


[edit] A list of everybody

Your friends page can get really long, really fast! When you get more friends than will fit on one screen, you will have more than one page of friends. To get to the next page of your friends list, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click the next (>) button. This will allow for you to progress the pages, one at a time.

[edit] Best Friends

A feature ROBLOX added to help with the number of friends people have is Best Friends. From the My Friends page. There are two ways to add someone to your best friend list.

  • The first way is to find your friend on the My Friends page. After you have found them, hover over the picture of their character and click the gear icon that appears, you will then be able to 'Add Best Friend'.
  • The second way to add a best friend is by going to their profile and then clicking 'Friend Options', which is located under the image of their character, followed by 'Add Best Friend'.

People you mark as Best Friends will show up on your Home page and you will see their status updates in your feed. This helps you keep up with the people who matter most to you on ROBLOX.

[edit] Finding new friends

[edit] Accepting a friend request

On your Friend Requests page you will see all of the people who have sent you a friend request. To accept them all click the 'Accept All' button at the top, and if you wish to decline all click the 'Decline All' button. If you wish to accept friend requests individually then hover over their character image, then click the gear icon followed by 'Accept Friend' (or 'Decline Friend', if you wish).

Friend Requests!

While in-game, if you receive a GUI displaying another user's friend request, you can accept or decline it by clicking their name on the leaderboard (those who have sent you a friend request will have a '+' icon next to their name), followed by 'Accept Friend' or 'Decline Friend'.

[edit] Sending your own request

Want to add a person as a friend? All you have to do is send them a friend request.

Here's Shedletsky. I'll add him as a friend. All you have to do is go to his profile and click the Send Friend Request button right under his picture, and that's it!

Friend request.png

You can also ask people to be your friend while you're playing with them in-game! Just click their name on the leaderboard and you'll see a button for sending a friend request. A GUI will appear on the receiver's screen notifying them of your request. Currently, friend requests sent in game do not get shown on your 'Friend Request' page meaning if you wish to accept them, you must do so in the game they sent them in.

Friend Requests!

[edit] Removing Friends

You can remove friends by going to your friends list, finding the user you want to remove in it, hovering over them, and then clicking the gear icon followed by 'Remove Friend'. If you wish to remove them as a 'Bestfriend' however, click the 'Remove Bestfriend' option instead.

To remove friends in a game, you click on the friend's name on the leaderboard or click their character and select 'Unfriend'.