The Rox Box, a rounded edge square head. There are many other options on the market!

Heads! No, we didn't yank them off of new players, these Heads are wearable to change the shape of your head. You can pick them up in the Catalog by sorting for Heads.

Heads, unlike Hats and Gear, cannot be dropped or removed in games without the use of scripting.

At the moment, Roblox is the only person who can make new heads.

A few different heads are listed here, to get an idea of what Heads are like. There are more available for sale here.

Head name Price Description
Blockhead FREE Anyone remember Gumby?
Octoblox 88 R$ The description for this is eight words long.
Cylinder Madness 500 R$ When you have lived long in the madness, 500 robux starts to sound like a bargain.
Roll 15 R$ It's just how we roll.
Cool Thing 100 R$ Your head looks great. Have you been working out?
Perfection 2,000 R$ The ideal platonic solid. It's not for noobs.