Help Section

There is a lot of different help on Roblox! The Help Section is split into several different sections, more info can be found below.

Knowledge Base[edit]

This is the Knowledge Base, search for what you want to learn.

When you click on the Help link in the Main Menu link you are sent straight to the Knowledge Base. Here, you can search for any question that you might have, chances are that it's in there somewhere. Just type it into the Searchbar and hit 'Search'.

User Forums[edit]

Learn about the forums over here


You're on the wiki, silly! This is where you can find detailed tutorials on how to do many things in Roblox, such as programming and moving around the website. The Knowledge Base is more for things like technical questions and things to do with the Rules. The Wiki is about learning how to play and have fun.

Customer Service[edit]

This is an email address that goes straight to the Customer Support Hero team. Make sure you check the Knowledge Base and the Wiki before you send an email. If you have a billing question send an email here. Other general questions are OK too.


We get so many suggestions from users that we have dedicated an entire forum section to suggestions! Think of it as a big suggestion box. If you have an awesome idea and think the devs should know go post in here. Some really neat features have come from this forum, so you never know if the Developers will be listening!