How do I build my place?

Making places in ROBLOX is simple. Making good ones is not as simple. This tutorial covers how to make a place. Please note that the Community Guidelines have some rules on what you can put in a place.

Creating the Level[edit]


In order for you to create your place, click the "Develop" button, then select "Build New". You will have a number of options. Proceed to click "Place". You will be prompted to the place creation page. Some starter place options will be presented to you.
Select whatever you like, and proceed to edit each of the tabs contents, which include: Basic Settings, Access, and Advanced Settings.

Building the Level[edit]

In the user page, click on "Build". This will start ROBLOX, and allow you to edit your place. An easier way to edit your place is to go to directly to the Roblox Studio, from Start > All Programs > ROBLOX > Roblox Studio. The studio is a little more advanced, but it is also much easier to work with bricks without having to move a player around. If you want to learn how to build things, then go to the Roblox Studio page.

Creating New Bricks[edit]

In the upper-left corner of the screen, click on "Insert". In the right of the screen, a box will appear. In the drop-down menu, select "Bricks". Click on a brick with the appropriate color.

Moving Bricks[edit]

The Game Tool, used for moving bricks
Select the Game Tool. To move bricks, click on them, and, with the mouse cursor held, move the mouse. To rotate the brick, press "R". To tilt the brick, press "T".

That's about all you can do outside of the Studio editor. If you really want to make something cool, then go to the Roblox Studio and continue your work.

Editing Bricks[edit]

For this, the Roblox Studio is needed. The studio can easily be accessed by starting it from the start menu, or by clicking on the "Edit Mode" button in the toolbar. When the studio appears, there will be a window titled "Explorer" in the right of the screen. This window contains a list of every object in the game. To edit blocks, open the "Workspace" group (press the "+" to the left of its name). Click on the name of an object you would like to modify. From here, you can now change the properties of the object. Editable properties of bricks include size, shape, and color. To change shape, press resize.

User-Made Building Tools[edit]

ROBLOX allows its players to create nearly anything they want. Some users have developed customized building tools for ROBLOX via plugins. This may facilitate building and enhance your experience in the process.

Insert Premade stuff[edit]

Using insert you can insert premade models and put them in your place. You can also choose skyboxes that allow you to change the sky, tools, scripts, and other objects. Also from insert. You must click the down icon. Many choices will pop up.

Saving the Level[edit]

Click on the toolbar button in the upper left side of the screen that says "Edit Mode". Once that finishes opening, click on "File", then "Publish to ROBLOX". This will save your place to the Roblox server, where others can visit your place, providing that it's public. You can also just click "Save" and save your map on your computer, so you can edit it later without people playing your half-done work.

Saving Frequently[edit]

You must save frequently. Be cautious of crashes in Roblox Studio. Try to avoid this by making backups of your place or models to your harddrive as well.


Roblox will, as per any complicated program, crash from time to time. When working in Roblox Studio, and you are going to ungroup an object, in the 'Explorer' Menu, make sure that the object you're about to ungroup is the only highlighted object. If not, and you ungroup, Roblox Studio will crash. Also, Roblox Studio will crash if you cut Workspace, put Workspace into Lighting, or any other place for that matter, try to ungroup Workspace, or basically anything else that has to do with Workspace. Don't mess with Workspace unless you know what you're doing. Sometimes, the Studio will just crash on its own. It doesn't have anything to do with your computer, so don't worry. Just restart Studio, and try again. It is recommended that you save all your changes to a place, to your computer first. If the studio crashes while you're uploading, you can't get your changes back. Save often if you want to keep your models or creations.

Publishing models[edit]

You may also publish models into your profile when in studio mode in your place. To do this you must select the items in Explorer, then go to File > Publish Selection. You can type the name of the model, then a description. You can select to hide it or show it publicly. Showing it publicly allows people to use your models, so if you don't want them used, then hide them, or don't publish them at all.

Inserting models[edit]

Make sure you are in Roblox Studio.

There are two ways to insert models. One way is a categorized search of preexisting objects within the place. Near the top of your screen, you see "Tools, Insert, Fullscreen, Help, Exit". When you click on insert, it will show 20 types of bricks. The pulldown menu has: Bricks, Vehicles, Tools & Weapons, Furniture, Scenery, Traps, Small Buildings, Ramps, Robots, Game Objects, Disney XD Skatepark Elements, Disney XD Skatepark Decals, My Decals, Free Decals, My Models and free models on it. Click on a category specific choice pertaining to your search to find something you wish, some you can even search through! If there is a search, type in a keyword for what you want to find, and click "search". Once you find it, click on it and it will appear on your map.

Another way is if you already have a model saved to your computer. To insert such a model, click on the "insert" pulldown menu at the top of your screen, and then click "models". You can find this "insert" menu at the fourth button on the left, at the top of your screen. This "Insert" menu is next to "File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, Window, Help". A screen will open, asking for the location of the saved model file from your computer, with an .rbxm extension. Find the location of that file, and click "open".

Saving your Place to your Computer[edit]

Make sure you are in Roblox Studio first.

To save your place to your computer, which is recommended before uploading, click "File", then "Save As...". Save the file somewhere where you'll remember where you put it. Name it something that you'll remember too. It is highly recommended to save your place(s) because it is a safe-guard to prevent loss-of-data. If your upload fails, and your changes get deleted, you can just re-enter the place and try to upload it again. Without saving your place(s) to your computer, though, this will be impossible. Not only that you can have the real copy, if someone gets into your ROBLOX account and deletes your place(s), you can simply upload it again. In the event of this, you should also ensure your account is secure by improving your password security. Contacting Roblox Support is also advisable if this occurs.

Publishing your place to ROBLOX[edit]

Make sure you are in Roblox Studio first. In the menu, click:


Now select Update, and click on the right place name. Note that any objects that are NOT archivable will not be saved. Keep in mind that this overwrites the data contained in the last version, but can be reverted.