Design of effective ads

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Many people go about making ads by simply slapping whatever random concoction pops into their head first. Most of the time, this works; because of that, this will help you refine your "work of art" so that it can be attractive and hopefully produce place visits.

What do I need?[edit]

Before we begin, you'll need the following:

Here are optional feature that you'll use later:

Note that animated ads do not work, so don't spend time on making them animate pretty to just see the first frame on the ad.

What do I want?[edit]

This is an important question to ask yourself. What point is your ad trying to get across? Here are some thoughts we don't want others to think when they see your ad:

  • He/She spent less than 5 minutes on that. Ugh.
  • He/She doesn't know how to spell or use correct grammar.
  • He/She lol'd.

Here are some questions to ask about your ad:

  • Is it more professional than everything on the page?
  • Is it going to hurt someone's eyes with bright colors?
  • Why would people ignore this?

What should be on it?[edit]

Don't upload the ad if you didn't make changes to it. That is bad.

Moving on, if you're going to put a picture, please let it contrast against whatever background you're using. If it's black on black, no one will see it. If it's black on white, people can see it.

Another tip for what should be on it is that you should use most of the "white space" in your ad. Don't let it be boring, but, if you would like to let it blend in with the page it's being displayed on (white background on a white page, with noticeable text.) That's fine.

Finishing up[edit]

Be sure that every single detail is completed and finished. Check your work and make sure you are happy with your ad. Don't upload the ad until you are finished. If you notice an error later, it can be too late.


Those image editors?[edit]

That's where you'll do the gritty work. A good editor will give you plenty of options and results.

Ad locations[edit]

The box ad can only be displayed on My Profile and the Games Page. The skyscraper can be seen everywhere, including the RBXDev forum. The banner ad can be seen everywhere on the website. None are displayed here on the wiki.

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