How to Verify Your Account

Verified, Bonafide, Plaidafide

Verifying your account is the best way to ensure account safety. By giving ROBLOX your email address, you can prove that your account belongs to you, and have them restore your account or reset your password in the event that you forget it or someone changes it without your permission (read this for tips on keeping your account secure). You also get a free hat when verifying!

Now that we've gone over why verifying your account is a good idea, let's go over how to do it.

Step 1) Get to this page.
Step 2) Find the "Add Email" option and click it.

Add Email.png

Step 3) Enter you or your parent's email address and your account's password. Remember to never use someone's email address for anything without their permission.

Add Email Dialog.png

Step 4) Once you've put in the correct information, press Enter or Return to have ROBLOX send the verification email.

Email Sent.png

Step 5) Log into the email account you entered, or have the owner log in if you used someone else's. Look for the email from "ROBLOX Email Verification".

Sent Email.png

Step 6) Open the email and click the blue link at the bottom.

Verification email.png

Step 7) That's it!

Verified email thanks.png

The process is complete and you automatically receive the promised free hat from ROBLOX for verifying the email address.