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Are you poor? Want to multiply your money and become rich?


[edit] Profit from limited items

Read about what Limited (U) items are before going on.

Every now and then, Roblox releases new limited items (hats, gear, faces, and others). If you are patient, you can buy a hat, wait until the hat has increased in value, then sell the hat. However, this method isn't the most effective way of gaining currency.

[edit] Reminder before continuing

There is a market price when selling items (30%), so when you sell an item for 100 R$, you only get 70 R$.

[edit] ID Sniping

A lot of people collect items with a certain Limited U ID. Examples of good IDs are 1, 2, 100, 101, last hat ID, etc.. It's a good idea to buy cheap items from non-collectors and sell it for higher to collectors.

When a new hat comes out, you can have potential to ID snipe a hat with a certain ID. Good advice would be this:

  • Open up two windows with the same item page.
  • Click to purchase a hat but don't confirm the purchase.
  • Keep refreshing the other window until the market is about to sell the item you want.
  • If the ID you are trying to get is wanted by many others, it would be a good idea to click the buy button when it says it has been sold about 3 or 4 less than the ID number you are attempting to get.

If you are trying to get a specific ID on an item which is more expensive or unpopular, you may have more chance of getting the ID you want because less people will try to get the ID.

Doing something like this is a good idea because if you do get a popular ID number, you can sell it for more than the average price.

If you see that a limited(U) item has ran out and you want to buy a certain ID from someone, don't spend a ridiculous amount more just for the ID as this will decrease your profit margin on the hat if it is sold onto another roblox user.

[edit] Profit from trade currency

You can get to the trade currency by going to the Catalog in the navigation bar, then clicking Trade Currency on the sidebar
The Trade Currency. This is more than a bunch of complicated numbers!

The trade currency looks intimidating, but it's a good way to gain profit.

If you go on the trade currency, there is a box. In it contains Pair, Rate, Spread, and High/Low. The most important is the Rate and Spread. As the pair says, it is BUX/TIX. It means that the number before the slash in Rate is the robux rate, and vice versa.

In the trade box is where you trade Robux for Tickets.. Market Order is not for making profit, but it is instant if you have to convert tickets to robux or vice versa immediately. An example of when you use this is when a robux hat comes out and you only have tickets. The Limit Order is what we will use.

PROTIP: The best time to get Robux is when the spread is negative.

Get a calculator. Yes, a one in real life, not the built-in computer calculator. It'll be much better, I swear. If you want to gain profit from trading from tickets to robux, put in the amount of tickets you want to trade, divided by the left rate number (including the numbers after the '.'.

Now, we go trade. Go on Limit Order, and in the tickets box, put the amount of tickets you have, and in the robux section, put in whatever the calculator gave you, rounded to the nearest whole number.

For trading from robux to tickets, it's the opposite. Multiply the amount of robux you have by the right rate number. In the limit order, in the robux box put the amount of robux you want, and then in the other box you put in what the calculator gave you.

PROTIP: The best time to get tickets is when the spread is positive.

You'll be gaining profit eventually. Have fun trading!

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