How to upload a Decal

Warning: Any decal uploaded by you that violates the rules will be deleted by a content moderator and action may be taken against your account.


[edit] Introduction

Decals are images that players can put on parts and other objects in ROBLOX. This tutorial will show you how to add a decal to your game.

[edit] Create a Decal

Decals can be created in one of two ways to your game. The first way is through the Game Explorer in Studio. Open ROBLOX Studio, click on the View tab and then on the Game Explorer Button. Open the Images drop down menu and double click on Add. This will open a dialog where you can give the image a name and select the file you want to upload. Click create and the image will be added both to the Game Explorer and to your Toolbox.


Decals can also be created on the ROBLOX website here. Click Choose File to select the image you want to upload, give your decal a name, and then press the Upload button. Uploading in this way will only add the decal to your Toolbox.


[edit] Inserting a Decal

Decals can be inserted into the workspace either through the toolbox or though the game explorer. To add a decal with the Toolbox, click on the decal and then click on the face of the part you want to put the decal on.


You can add a decal through the Game Explorer too. To do this, right click on on decal and click Insert. This will put the decal on the front face of whatever part is selected in the Workspace. If no part is selected then it will be inserted into the Workspace directly and will not be visible.


Please note that it may take some time for your decal to be visible to other users, because moderators must approve your image before other people can see it.

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