Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts are commands that instead of clicking a button, you can hit a key on your keyboard to do it. They are called shortcuts because many times they are faster than trying to hit a little button icon. Once you start to memorize them, shortcuts make everything easier.

Name Description Keyboard Shortcut

Toolbar Commands[edit]

New.jpg New Opens a new, empty place Ctrl+N
Open.jpg Open Gives you a window to open a saved place from your computer Ctrl+O
Save.jpg Save Lets you save your current place to your computer Ctrl+S
Undo.jpg Undo Undoes the last action. Ctrl+Z
Redo.jpg Redo An Undo for the Undo, lets you redo an action. Ctrl+Y

Editing Commands[edit]

Cut.jpg Cut Copies something, then removes it. Lets you paste it elsewhere Ctrl+X
Copy.jpg Copy Copies something, then lets you paste it elsewhere Ctrl+C
Paste.jpg Paste Takes something you've copied or cut from somewhere else, and put it wherever you want Ctrl+V
Select All Selects everything. Ctrl+A
Duplicate Takes a selection and creates a copy of it Ctrl+D
Group.jpg Group Takes single bricks and puts them into a Model Ctrl+G
Ungroup.jpg Ungroup Takes a Model and breaks it into single bricks Ctrl+U
Single Part Selection Selects a single part within a model Alt+Left Click
Rotate Rotates a selected object in 3D view Ctrl+R
Axis Orientation Changes the orientation between relative and world for movement and rotation of an instance. Ctrl+L

Scripting View Commands[edit]

Find Opens a window to find text in a script Ctrl+F
Find and Replace Opens a window that lets you find and automatically replace text Ctrl+H
Switch Tab Changes the active tab to the last viewed tab Ctrl+Tab ⇆
Text Size Scrolling up increases font size, scrolling down decreases size Ctrl+Mousewheel up/down

Camera Controls[edit]

Pan left.jpg Pan Left Rotates the camera 45 degrees to the left <
Pan right.jpg Pan Right Rotates the camera 45 degrees to the right >
Zoom in.jpg Zoom In Gets closer to the camera's subject I
Zoom out.jpg Zoom Out Gets farther away from the camera's subject O