The site-wide notification that appears promptly before a maintenance occurs.
The second maintenance page.
The second maintenance page.

You have probably came across the page you can see at the right of this text while browsing the ROBLOX website. That page appears during maintenances, and wherever you try to go on the ROBLOX website, it will redirect you to that page, until the maintenance is over.

Sometimes, these maintenances are annoying for the users, as they have to wait to continue playing. Often, though, the developers warn the players by putting a banner at the top of the page (shown above) saying that there will be a maintenance in a certain ammount of time.

In this article, you will learn what these maintenances are, how they happen, and why they happen.

The way maintenances happen[edit]

The first maintenance page.
The first maintenance page.

Usually, first, a banner will display some minutes before the maintenance, warning the user that there will soon be a maintenance. Then, every page on the site will redirect you to a certain maintenance page.

The picture on the first maintenance page that showsé
The picture on the first maintenance page that shows.

Later in the maintenance, the page will be replaced by the page you can see above, with the picture of the ROBLOX team.


Maintenances are often frustrating for users because they have to stop playing, unless they are already in a game. In the past, maintenances were much longer than now[unconfirmed]. They used to take hours, and, now, they only take some minutes.

However, the developers do not make maintenances happen just for the pleasure of annoying users, they have to do it because they need to update the site and because the site could not be updated if it was being in use by users. They try to do the maintenances at night to annoy less users, but, sometimes, users that have another timezone or that go to bed late are still stopped in their browsing by a maintenance.