Making T-Shirts


This will explain how to create a T-Shirt.

Making T-Shirts[edit]

  1. Find or make a picture.
  2. Goto "My Robox".
  3. Click on Change Character.
  4. A list of your current wardrobe will be listed (e.g. Shirts, Hats, Pants). "T-Shirts" should automatically be selected. Just click "create".
  5. Below where it sais to "Upload Texture", click on "browse".
  6. Find the picture that you want to be your [[|T-Shirts|T-Shirt]]. (Be sure it's appropriate for kids.)
  7. The click on "Create T-Shirt".

Now your shirt should be made.

  • Find your shirt in your wardrobe. Then click wear.
  • Click on "My Roblox"

Note: Moderators have to make sure your shirt is appropriate before letting you wear it. This may take a long time.

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