My Roblox Home

The My Roblox page is where you are sent when you click My Roblox on the Main Menu Bar. From this page you can see your Feed, as well as other information about your account.

This page is built out of a few separate items.


[edit] Character View

In the top left of the page you can see yourself! Hi me! Also, you can see your new messages and how much money you have.

[edit] Feed

The feed is where you can toss up tidbits about what you're doing at the moment. At the top of a page is a status bar. Type in what you're doing, and hit Update Status. It'll be posted where your Best Friends can see it.

Underneath the the Current Status bar is the My Feed list. Here is where you can see all the Group Shouts and status updates from your Best Friends. This lets you keep up with your friends and see what they're doing.

[edit] Best Friends

Main Article: Best Friends

The Best Friends are listed under your character, along with their latest Status Update and whether the user is online.