One of the benefits of registering an account at is getting your very own "place": a virtual world that you are free to change to your liking, so long as it adheres to the Roblox rules.

Place Configuration

Places can be configured through their configuration page. This page can be accessed in two different ways:

  1. In the place's entry on Develop page, click on the dropdown with a gear, then click Configure.
  2. On the place's page, click the three dots, located on the upper-right corner of the place box, then click Configure this Place.

There are eight sections of this page, each containing different groups of settings for the place. On each section, you can choose to save or discard your changes.

Basic Settings

The first tab you will see is Basic Settings. From this section you can change the name of the place, its description, and its genre.

Basic settings

Game Icon

Main article: Game Icon Tutorial

The second of the eight tabs is the Game Icon section, which allows you to upload a game icon. This icon will appear with your game on the Games page. If you choose not to upload an icon, Roblox will generate one for you based on where your camera was when you last updated the place.

Game icon


The third section is Thumbnails. These differ from game icons: rather than appearing in the Games page, they appear on the place's page. You can upload two types of thumbnail: images and videos. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube, then attached, while images are uploaded from your computer. Each image thumbnail costs R$20, and each video thumbnail costs R$500.



The Access section allows you to control who has access to the place.

Playable Devices

This portion of the Access section lets you control the type of devices that can join your game. If one of these is unselected, players will receive a message that the game is unavailable on their platform, instead of being allowed to play it.

Game Access

This feature is only available if VIP servers are disabled for this place.

This portion currently contains only one option: whether to sell access to the game or not. If checked, you can enter a price between R$25 and R$1,000. Roblox will calculate the marketplace fee (for Builders Club members, this fee is 30% of the price, and for regular users it is 90%) as well as what you will receive after this fee. Note that selling access will prevent you from using the game as a personal server.

Selling access

Place Type

This section is only visible if you are not selling access to the place.
This section's information regarding personal server access is incomplete.
Changing this value will shut down any running instances of the place.

There are two place types supported by Roblox: Game Place and Personal Server. A game place acts as a regular game, and can have multiple instances. A personal server, however, can only have one. Personal servers save their state frequently, allowing players to collaboratively build something. Their access controls differ from standard places.

Player Counts

There are two values that can be set here: Preferred Player Count and Maximum Player Count. The maximum player count is simple: it's the maximum number of players that can be in one instance. The preferred player count, however, is somewhat different: it is the number of players in an instance that will make it non-accessible to players that do not follow someone into that instance. For example, if you had a place with a preferred player count of 6 and a maximum player count of 10, whenever instances reach 6 players, the only way to enter that instance (until it has less than 6 players again) is to follow a player who's already in that game.


This feature is only available if VIP servers are disabled for this place.

Access is simple: you can control whether everyone or only your friends can join the place. For group creations, the friends option is replaced with group members. If VIP servers are enabled, you cannot restrict access in this way.

Builders Club Only

This feature is only accessible if you are a Builders Club member and the place does not have VIP servers enabled.

If this option is checked, only Builders Club members can visit the place.

VIP Servers

Main article: VIP server

If this option is checked, players can purchase VIP servers and enter them. The minimum price of VIP servers is R$10, and there is no maximum.

VIP server control


The Permissions section allows you to control some permissions of the game.

Gear Permissions

This portion of the Permissions section lets you control the gear players can bring into the game. You can choose to limit gear to the game's genre or to allow all genres, and also choose what types of gear are allowed.

Gear permissions

Other Permissions

This portion lets you control miscellaneous permissions of the place.

Chat Type: Which chat type to use. Classic chat appears in the top-left corner of the screen, while bubble chat appears above the players who spoke. Both enables both options.

Copy Locked: Whether to allow other players to take copies of the place. For more information, see Copy Lock.

Comments Allowed: Whether to allow players to comment on the place or not.

Avatar Appearance Override: If the place changes the appearance of player's characters from their avatar, you should enable this.

Version History

From the Version History section you can see all the updates that have been made to the place, when they were created, and, should you choose to, whether to revert to that version.

Version history

Developer Products

Main article: Developer product

In the Developer Products section, you can manage the developer products for the place, as well as create new ones.


Main article: Game

The Game section allows you to control aspects of the place that relate to the Game that the place is attached to. It currently contains two entries of note: Whether to allow the place to be used as a template and whether to allow the place to be updated. For more information, see Dynamic place creation and saving.

Adding Gear to a Place

Main article: Commissions
Promote on your game.jpg

This feature allows all users, even free accounts, to sell gear from the Catalog directly on their place's page. When another user buys this gear on your place's page, you earn 10% of what it sold for. Any gear you sell on your place's page will also be allowed into your place, even if it is set to "No Gear Allowed". There is no fee for adding a gear to your place. However, you cannot add anything that nobody can buy, such as a limited item. To add a gear to your place, find a gear page in the catalog, and there should be a blue button underneath the pricing information labeled "Add to Game". Click on it, select a place, and you're now selling a gear!


Make a creative and interesting description for you place.
An example of Roblox's XML; using a text-editor to view a RBXLX file.
  • Roblox currently saves every place in a binary format. Before that, Roblox saved each place in XML format. Saving in XML is still an option, just choose XML as the file type in the drop-down menu when you are saving it.

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