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One of the benefits of registering an account at is getting your very own "place"; a fully editable location on the website where you have the option of either showcasing your creations to the world, or limiting access to only your friends.

The Default Place[edit]

The default place is a plain gray base plate. Users may also select one of several place templates in the Configure Place page Reset section. In addition, a User is given offline editing access to their place, as well as access to the Roblox Studio for further manipulation.

Place Configuration[edit]

Each Place Configuration page is accessed from the settings button on the Build page.

Thumbnails and Videos[edit]

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The player is allowed to give a thumbnail of the place they are in. The thumbnail of the place is always the player's view in ROBLOX Studio of the place at the time he/she publishes it. On April 10th, ROBLOX re-released the gallery feature, which allows you to post pictures and videos (videos are for a fee of 500 robux).

Description and Name[edit]

The player is allowed to give an appropriate description and name to their place, which will be publicly displayed.

Place type[edit]

The place type section gives you options between a regular game place or a personal build server. A 'Game Place' is a place type available to all users, anybody can join it, and you are the only one who can save and publish versions to the place. A 'Personal Server' is an option only for Builders Club members, only specified people can join, and the people who can join can make changes to your place when you are not around. For more information about personal servers, visit this page.

Player Limit[edit]

Player limit section

Classic Place[edit]

A classic place allows you to change the number of MaxPlayers easily. When updated, all servers will have the designated number of MaxPlayers. Because you can change the number of MaxPlayers right from the place configuration, this renders the older method, opening up your place in ROBLOX Studio, and changing the MaxPlayers property under the Players service, obsolete. Currently, the number of MaxPlayers for a classic place is capped at 20 players.

Mega Place[edit]

Mega Places allow you to have more than the normal amount of MaxPlayers in one server. Currently, Mega Places can have up to 30 users in a server, but ROBLOX plans on having up to 100 players in a server. Right now, this feature is a BC Beta feature, meaning only Builders Club members can use this feature for now.

Turn comments on/off[edit]


When turned on, people can choose to comment on your place, which can be seen next to the 'Games' tab. When turned off, the box to post a new comment on the commentary tab will no longer be available although the tab itself will be visible.

Chat Settings[edit]


The Chat Settings section allows you to choose between 3 options of chat: Classic, Bubble, or Both. Classic chat is a more common way of chat, where user's chat go to the top-left corner of your screen. Bubble Chat is a newer type of chat, where the user's chat show up in a 'bubble' on top of their head. The 'Both' option allows you to have both Classic and Bubble chat in your place.



You can select a Genre for your place. Selecting a Genre for your place will affect the following things:

  • Categorization on the Games page of ROBLOX. Putting a Genre on your place will help players find your type of place and help them decide if it will be fun for them.
  • Types of gear items that may be allowed in your place if you choose that setting in the Gear Settings section (see below). Gear items share the same Genre list as places.

Gear Settings[edit]


You have the option of allowing any gear into your place or not. Only gear that exactly matches the types and genres you select to be allowed. For instance, if you select Social Items, anything labeled a Social Item is allowed into your place.

Each gear item may have more than one type associated with it so you must allow for that. For example, if your Social Item is also labeled as a Power Up, and you do not have Power Ups selected, then that item is not allowed in your place.

If you have selected a Genre for your place (see the section above) you may also limit gear items to match the genre of your place. So if your place is set to Western and allows Ranged Weapons, Sci-fi blasters will not be allowed.



The Access/Privileges section allows you to change who can go to your place. Currently, there are only two options (the Private Server is currently in beta): Public and Friends. If you select the 'Public' option, anybody will be able to visit your place, and when the 'Friends' option is selected, only friends will be able to visit your place.

If the place you are configuring is entered in to the current contest, it is automatically made public to everybody, and cannot be changed until the contest is over.

Copy Protection[edit]


The Copy Protection section allows you to change whether people can or cannot copy information from your place. When the CopyLocked check mark is ticked, then all other users cannot copy your place. If not ticked, your place can be copied by anybody, using ROBLOX Studio. They can get all the information and can do anything you could do with it. Only un-copylock your place if there is nothing important in it!

Resetting Your Place / Version History[edit]


You have two options if you want to undo or change your place.


You can use the Reset Place button and choose a whole new starting place from a menu of options. Several of the menu options come fully equipped with GUIs, weapons, teams and so forth. All you would need to do is customize the place after resetting. A plain base plate is provided if you wish to start from scratch.

Version History

ROBLOX keeps a copy of your place every time you upload or save a new copy. You can revert to an earlier version to recover lost data or change back to a different version of your place. On a game place, only the owner of the place can make saves. On Personal Servers a save is made every 15 minutes that will capture any changes made by users in the place.

Adding Gear to a Place[edit]

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Promote on your game.jpg

This feature allows all users, even free accounts, to sell gear from the Catalog directly on their place's page. When another user buys this gear on your place's page, you earn 10% of what it sold for. Any gear you sell on your place's page will also be allowed into your place, even if it is set to "No Gear Allowed". There is no fee for adding a gear to your place. However, you cannot add anything that nobody can buy, such as a limited item. To add a gear to your place, find a gear page in the catalog, and there should be a blue button underneath the pricing information labeled "Add to Game". Click on it, select a place, and you're now selling a gear!


Make a creative and interesting description for you place.
An example of Roblox's XML; using a text-editor to view a RBXLX file.
  • Roblox currently saves every place in a binary format. Before that, Roblox saved each place in XML format. Saving in XML is still an option, just choose XML as the file type in the drop-down menu when you are saving it.

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