Robux (Currency)

Robux, also called ROBUX, are the main currency of Robloxia. The first currency to hit the market, it's mostly used by BC members with large amounts of Robux available to them. Many hats and other items are only available by purchasing with Robux.


[edit] Money money money

Robux are the higher value currency in Roblox. They can be used to purchase a great many different items in the catalog, including many that are Robux-Only. There are several ways to get yourself some of these fancypants Robux.

[edit] Builder's club

The easiest way to get Robux fast is to get Builders Club. Members of BC get a daily amount of R$15 every day, however unlike tickets, you do not need to login to claim this bonux! Pick up the 1 month standard BC and you can net as much as R$450 that month just by having BC, and a R$100 for signing up! Turbo Builder's Club will get much more: R$35 a day! That's over twice as much as regular Builders Club. They do, however, only get the same amount for purchasing as builders club: R$100. The final type of Builders Club, Outrageous, earns a massive R$60 a day!

Also, if you are in builders club, the longer you keep builders club without stopping the subscription at all, the more bonus you earn daily. This multiplier goes up daily. The maximum multiplier you can get changes a lot, but is around 3.0x as much, meaning an OBC member can potentially get around R$180 every single day!

[edit] RoblEX

Main Article: RoblEX

If you have piles of Tickets lying around but really want that Robux only hat, there's an easy way to transfer them out. On the Roblox Exchange, or RoblEX, you can put up a bid for someone to trade your Tickets for their Robux. It's easy and safe, unlike trading shirts or other shady deals with people you can't trust.

[edit] Selling

If you have Builder's Club and are already getting your daily bonus you might find you need a little bit extra. This is easy to do, because you can sell different items such as Shirts and Pants that you've created. If you have a really cool design you might get a fortune. Here's a tutorial on how to sell items.

[edit] Purchasing

If you have Builder's Club, traded away all your Tickets and can't sell another T-shirt, there's another option left for you, the Roblox Central Bank. Here you can directly purchase different amounts of Robux, from a couple hundred to several thousand. Really want that hat? This is the way to get it.

[edit] Rixty

But what if you don't have a credit card? We've got an answer for anyone in the United States. Rixty allows you to purchase gift cards and use CoinStar machines to change your spare change (haha, get it?) into Robux. Unfortunately at the moment, Rixty does not work outside of the US.

[edit] Roblox cards

Roblox cards can now be purchased at many 7-11, GameStop, Walmart, Toys R Us, f.y.e, Target, BestBuy, CVS/Pharmacy, Future Shop, and Sainsbury stores in the USA, Canada and England. They can be redeemed for Robux or Builders Club here.

[edit] Piles of money! Now what?

So now you're sitting on top of your pile of money wondering what to do with all of that cash. Well why don't you just go buy a pile of money? You can take all that glorious cash and exchange it for Cool Stuff on the Catalog. There are new items all the time and Robux Exclusive items pop up all the time. Go browse around and see what you can find to stick on your character.

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