Older versions

Change log

v5.1.0 (in development):

  • started change log
  • GUI layout persists between places (layout saving)
  • some other data persists as well
  • implemented settings panel;
    • Menus tab; toggles visibility of menus on panel
    • Data tab; presents the option of deleting saved plugin data
  • Move, Rotate, and Resize are the only menus visible by default; use settings to add other menus
  • improved menu dragging
  • moved GUI structure around
  • panel and info box properly stick to bottom and right edge of screen when it resizes
  • info box is always displayed
  • when a menu with a selected tool is collapsed, the tool is deselected
  • added help button (unimplemented)
  • compatable with Lua 5.2
  • removed RbxUtility dependency to support offline mode


  • first release
  • ported some tools from v3;
    • MoveAxis, MoveFirst, MoveObject
    • RotatePivot, RotateGroup, RotateObject
    • ResizeObject, ResizeCenter
  • implemented custom Selector
  • added SelectEdge menu
  • added Clipboard menu
  • implemented dynamic GUI panel;
    • info box can be dragged and docked
    • info box becomes right-aligned when docked to the right edge of the screen
    • panel can be dragged and docked
    • panel collapses into the screen edge that it's docked on
    • menus can be expanded and collapsed
    • menus can be rearranged via drag & drop