Welcome to the home of CJ!

Hey, CJ here! Welcome to my userpage. During my time here on the blog I plan on featuring a number scripting related topics which shall help both the younglings and the more experienced members!

As many of you may know, I am currently the leader of The Roblox Assault Team and therefore I shall be balancing out work on the wiki with leading the clan. Though, be assured - Both will be completed to a great standard ;)

My History

I joined ROBLOX July 2009 and remembering back this far truly is hard. Though, I do remembers how each and every day I used to go around the front page obstacle course games, attempting to improve my abilities. Then one day on the front page I saw a 'Roblox Assault Team HQ', created by Stealthmatt - I went ahead and checked out the place and overall I thought it was a great place. I went ahead and joined The Roblox Assault Team and I was a fairly active members for a month or so.

Not long after this, I did get a new computer, an Apple iMac, and at this point in time there was no ROBLOX for OSX. This did cause me a number of problems, eventually I started playing ROBLOX via the use of Virtual Machines, yet I could not get the best performance possible by doing this. Then I remember, ROBLOX released a version of OSX and once I saw this I instantly went ahead and downloaded it onto my computers. My activity in The Roblox Assault Team increased a huge amount and I continued my ROBLOX career by slowly learning RBX.Lua!

When I first started learning RBX.Lua, I struggled more than anything and I never thought I would be able to improve. After months and months of work I finally understood a large amount of RBX.Lua and I was able to create a variety of scripts. I continued to work on my abilities whilst staying active in a number of clans. Ever since I first started learning RBX.Lua, I have been interested in programming neat things, both on ROBLOX and for Mobile platforms.

The Roblox Assault Team

Currently I am the leader of The Roblox Assault Team, the 4th biggest group on ROBLOX. I have been within The Roblox Assault Team since some of my original days on ROBLOX and during this time I have dramatically matured and changed.

The Roblox Assault Team is a futuristic military which is ruled by the Sparrow Corporation within Frostaria. The group has had a number of great owners in the past and I plan to continue that legacy!

Neat Facts About Myself

Now then, since you're here I just well share some neat facts about myself with you!

~I gained leadership of The Roblox Assault Team on Thanksgiving 2012!

~I currently know RBX.Lua, C#, C++ and Php - Soon I shall be learning Python, Java and Objective-C.

My Clan Life

During my time on ROBLOX, I have been through a number of clans and with this I have met so many truly amazing people which have helped me become who I am today.

The Roblox Assault Team

The Roblox Assault Team was the first clan that I joined on ROBLOX and this is where a large amount of my ROBLOX career has been. When I first joined the clan, Stelathmatt was the leader and the uniforms were ever so simple.

Ever since I first joined, the clan has evolved in so many ways and the main reason towards this is due to Donkeyo4/ColourTheorys leadership. ColourTheory was able to bring the clan into a new age and was able to create a huge impact on the clan world. ColourTheory was able to release so many unique and amazing systems, yet the one I know he is most proud of is the Spectrum System whcih was featured on the ROBLOX Blog.

The leadership style in the clan changed upon ColourTheory transferring leadership to myself. Previously the clan was mostly based around ColourTheory and what he wanted for the clan, upon myself gaining leadership, this all changed and the clan became based around what the High Ranks and the members want. The Roblox Assault Team has changed in so many ways during my time being in clan...

When I first gained leadership of the clan, I went ahead and released the Lotus promotion system which truly has affected the clan in so many ways. With the release of the new system, I went ahead and assigned myself a Marshal - Nuke009.

Nuke009 got mentored by myself for a number of months and during this time he improved so much. When he first became my Marshal, he was already an extremely talented member, he was so unique and so special. Yet this talents increased in so many ways and he learned so fast. I can honestly say that at this point in time, Nuke009 is more talented than I.


Soon after I gained a high rank within RAT, I did stay within the clan yet at the same time I started working within UCR. Though, gaining my rank within UCR was extremely unexpected - I went from being a simple UCR Officer all the way to being a UCR Council member - This was one huge promotion. At the time of joining, TDFall was the owner and him and I were great friends which used to speak daily.

Unfortunately, my time within UCR didn't last long as I was unable to balance out my time between being a high rank in four clans at once.

Vortex Security

Along with being an Admiral in The Roblox Assault Team and being a Council Member within UCR, I still continued my clan career and I went ahead and worked hard within Vortex Security. I spent so much time helping VS, helping them defend their Forts, helping them at trainings and helping report anyone who broke rules.

One day, I remember asking a member of higher authority if I may host a training in order to benefit the group, this High Rank thought that was a great idea and along with allowing myself to host the training I was given a unique promotion to the rank of Captain.

Not long after this, there was a vote being held for the next Vortex Security Colonels and I truly had my hopes up for this. I put in so much time, I wrote a large speech which I had hoped to impress the members with. I had continued hosting trainings and completing my normal task during the time of the vote. Once the vote had been completed, Myself and BGSB were extremely close on votes yet amazingly I had gained a couple more votes than he had and from this managed to gain a promotion to Colonel.

Though, with this being said...I did stay as a Colonel in Vortex Security for a large amount of time, yet when I finally realised that I was unable to handle the work of being a high rank within four clans, I resigned from two of them - One of these being Vortex Security.


WIJ..This is the second clan which helped me become who I am today....

I joined WIJ, simply hoping for a fun experience yet I somehow managed to easily impress higher ranking members and I was able to make it to the rank of Sergeant within a couple of weeks - This seriously shocked me. Once I had reached Sergeant, Colonel Dizzdazz4 agreed to test myself for Officer within the clan. I managed to successfully pass and I gained SilentSwords's approval to be promoted.

Though once again, I did not last very long as an Officer as I soon had to resign in order to keep up with my duties within The Roblox Assault Team.

Thats not the end..I did rejoin WIJ about two months after resigning and during this time I managed to quickly rank back up to Officer. I remember the days, I used to be staying up until 1-2AM hosting trainings in order to benefit the group..this took away a large sum of my energy. Despite this, I did continue to host the trainings and then one day I was invited to assist with Officer Testing within the clan - I truly enjoyed doing these tests.

Not long after doing the tests, I was informed that this was in fact my test for the rank of Colonel - SilentSwords had spoken to myself and fellow Officer JuhDude and went ahead and promoted each of us to the rank of Colonel.

I surved as a Colonel within WIJ for a long period of time, I watched members join, members improve and members leave - Yet one of the members leaving was myself. ColourTheory had informed me that he would be transferring ownership of The Roblox Assault Team to myself and with this I knew I would no longer have time to stay within WIJ. I did resign from WIJ, yet this was done silently and it was over a week until any members had truly noticed I had resigned.


With this said, I have enjoyed my time within all the clans I have been a part of yet the best piece of advice I can give anyone who is reading this is to be sure that they have the time to complete all their tasks to a good enough level.

Just remember, ROBLOX is a game and if you have work to be completed in real life, do that first.