Guys, I check the editing rules. I can post this. This will benefit the wiki. I do want this. I will make a template for the updates. It would only take 30 minutes or so. If someone believes I should remove this, please post to my talk page. Thanks. :) - Quenty (talk • October 6)

If you think there is a reason why we shouldn't have documentation, then send me a pm I'll disprove your arguments to the public.


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This page is an appeal to ROBLOX administrators, scripters, and other users for a correct documentation of the ROBLOX application, including the objects and other items. The ROBLOX wiki is suppose to help users understand how to create the best and funnest games in ROBLOX. Though most standard objects on the wiki have been added, there are THOUSANDS of pages that even the most advanced users have no idea what they are for, or their uses. The point of this appeal is to ask, plead for ROBLOX to give us a update log, such as:


Update Name:
Update Type: New Features
Update Summery
Several features were added to the ROBLOX app to allow for user created randomly generated terrain. Several bugs were also fixed with the TweenService, and CustomEvents were added. Custom events will be used to create a sort of 'wiring' thing for simple scripting. This will be used through the 'Wiring' tool, which is a ROBLOX created tool for 'wiring' It uses 2 objects, THIS, and THAT. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

We are also doing this, and we updated the interface by adding this, and this, which will help players exit the game faster by pushing the escape button. The escape button and the ~ button will not not register with the KeyDown event, but will still work with KeyUp.
Update/Added Objects:

  • Added bug fix for object weld
  • Added bug fix for reset button in the interface
  • New Object CustomEvent

Updated/Added Methods

Updated/New Services

  • TerrainService added to administrate automatic generation of terrain, and other features.

Updated/Added Events

  • Event Event for the object Object was created. This was created for this, and that, and may be used in this, and that. Here's an example of code to use it.

--> Value

This even will return a object value. This is useful because. Blah Blah Blah.

Of course the Update Box will be a template for you wiki users. It could also be a blog, but should include updated services, events, methods. It will also include any interface changes, and why the events are useful/what they are used for. I think this is essential, because we need to know what ROBLOX is doing without having to researching too much into the game by experimenting. If you think we need documentation of ROBLOX, to know WHY Roblox is doing something, please fill out this poll.

Argument on why ROBLOX should document it

If Roblox Documents things then they will get better places If Roblox gets better places then they will get more players If Roblox gets more players, then they will get more money.

How to Vote

Fill out this poll Poll here if you believe in this.

I can post comments and other such things by me a PM. I will not be able to respond until October 20th, 2011 because of a ban. For now, send me a PM here

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To get a comment here, send me a PM (see above links). Comments must:

  • Follow ROBLOX rules
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  • Be legible
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Bad Comments: 3

Commentaries of WHY or WHY NOT this is a good idea.

I checked, and this would benefit the wiki, so I can post it. :) - Quenty (talk • October 6)

I do support this idea and will help in any way I can to make it apparent. --MrNicNac - Wiki Editor 11:02, 6 October 2011 (UTC)

A changelist?


Would be nice to have an idea on how my stuff keeps breaking. -XAXA

Because science. lol idk. :3 -AverageForumTrollJr

This is definitely a necessity for roblox studio. It'd actually tell us what happened in each update. -LunaScumander

[ Content Deleted ] -AntiSector

Note The actual comment was deleted, but it was really pointless/stupid.

yes u think we do. -namethisman43

Yep. A changelist would be nice to know what was wrong with my stuff when an update is released. -Anonymous

Yes, it would be very useful. Please go ahead with this idea! -Builder1010101

Yes, we do. -pwnedu46

Yes, it would be nice. -Nickmaster24

Heck yeah, I would love to see what roblox is adding or removing. -geicogeko

It'd in better to appeal to scripters who claim to already know everything to update the relevant pages.

If admin's were to post release notes here, all you'd get was "cOLD mOLD" posts. -GoldenUrg

Rebuttal: (Quenty proving it wrong) Here's a quote from this post, by GoldenUrg

@ xlegox
Any chance you can convince them to write release notes, so we can tell what they INTEND to be doing?

Here's another quote from another post (different post) by GoldenUrg

Well, they added 4 new parts in the object browser, but apparently not to the game. 

I think they use the term "Beta" because they don't want to bother with stuff like documentation or release notes. But maybe they just don't know what it means.

Here's a quote from his argument:

If admin's were to post release notes here

But in reality, they weren't going too. The plan was to post it on a Blog/the Wiki.