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First of all, what is CFrame Plugin? CFrame Plugin is a plugin SoulStealer9875 made for ROBLOX Studio in edition to the new Plugins feature. On this page you will find the download link and how to install it. SoulStealer9875 hopes you will enjoy this brilliant plugin he made just for you, to enjoy!


You can find the download mirrors here, I will update this page with more mirrors over time - just incase your parents blocked some of the websites:

The first mirror is Mediafire, if you avoid clicking the ads around the page - mediafire is a very safe download mirror;

Please note: You will not be able to download my addon until the mods release a way of distrubuting them. Sorry :(


Here's how to install the plugin;

To install the plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Download the file
  2. Unzip it
  3. Open ROBLOX Studio
  4. Tools –> Open Plugin Folder
  5. Copy the Quick Brick folder into the plugin folder
  6. These tools will be loaded next time you open a place in Studio
  7. If you ever want to remove the plugin, just delete the plugin’s folder.


The plugin is called CFrame Plugin because with this fantastic plugin all you need to do is select a part/trusspart/wedgepart (etc...) in ROBLOX Studio, open the plugin (after installing) by selecting the icon found in the toolbar and use the navigation buttons to change the cframing of your selected instance.

After downloading and following the installation instructions found on this page, you will need to restart ROBLOX Studio for the changes to take place.

Have fun!


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