YieldFunction of HttpService.pngHttpService
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string PostAsync (
    string url,
    string data,
    HttpContentType content_type = ApplicationJson,
    bool compress = false,
    dictionary headers = nil
  1. url
  2. data
  3. content_type
  4. compress
    • Type: bool
    • Defaults to: false
  5. headers

Returns: string
Description: Performs a HTTP POST request to the supplied URL.


  • The protocol ("http://" or "https://") must be present at the beginning of url, or GetAsync will throw a "trust check failed" error.
  • Compression uses gzip. If you set the compress parameter to true, your data will be gzipped.
  • See also the restrictions documented at HttpService.
  • Posting 1024KB or more of data will result in an error. (1024KB: A string with a length of 1024^2 characters)
  • PostAsync sends the data in the data argument to the address given by url. The content_type argument modifies the value in the Content-Type: header sent with the request, which tells the server the format of the data passed in data.