Read-only: This property can only be read from. Attempting to write to it will cause an error.
Property of Object Icon.pngInstance

Value Type: string
Description: This property represents the unique name of this type of Instance (e.g. Part, TrussPart, WedgePart, etc.). This property can be used with various other functions of Instance that are used to identify objects by type, such as IsA or FindFirstChildOfClass.
Of the various ways of identifying an object by type (ClassName, IsA, and FindFirstChildOfClass), only IsA will also check the base class of an object. ClassName and FindFirstChildOfClass will only check the class itself, not any of its base classes.


for _, child in ipairs(game.Workspace:GetChildren()) do
    if child.ClassName == "Part" then
        print("Found a Part")
        -- will find Parts in model, but NOT TrussParts, WedgeParts, etc