PluginSecurity: This member cannot be used in scripts, but is usable in the command bar and plugins.
Function of Object Icon.pngInstance
string GetDebugId (
    int scopeLength = 4
  1. scopeLength
    • Type: int
    • Defaults to: 4

Returns: string
Description: Returns a coded string of the object's DebugId used internally by Roblox.


  • This item is protected. Attempting to use it in a Script or LocalScript will cause an error.
  • A debug ID is an ID used in debugging processes. It allows a debugger to read each instruction before an application processes it. All objects in Roblox act like processes and each run instructions (or 'code') that can be debugged if needed.
  • This can be helpful for plugins which need to distinguish similar objects from one-another (such as objects that share the same name).


print(Workspace:GetDebugId()) --> 39FA_12
print(Workspace:GetDebugId(10)) --> 39FA2FEF4D_12
print(Workspace:GetDebugId(math.huge)) --> 12