Used to determine how a surface should be displayed on a part and how automatic surface joints should behave.

Note: Glue, Weld, Studs, Inlet and Universal surfaces only appear in-game when the part's Material is set to Plastic.


Smooth0Makes the side appear without any surface detail (except for outlines). Does not create join by default.
Glue1Makes the side appear with thick diagonal "X"s. Creates a weak join to other surfaces which will break if enough force is applied to one of the parts.
Weld2Makes the side appear with thick diagonal "X"s. Creates a join to any surface except for Unjoinable.
Studs3Makes the side appear with square studs. Creates a join if moved next to a Inlet or Universal surface.
Inlet4Makes the side appear with holes where studs would be. Creates a join if moved next to a Stud or Universal surface.
Universal5Makes the side appear with both Studs and Inlets in a checker pattern. Creates a join if moved next to a Stud, Inlet, or another Universal surface.
Hinge6Makes the side appear with a yellow hinge. Any part connected to this hinge will stick to the side and rotate using physics
Motor7Acts the same as a Hinge, but has a grey ring around it and automatically rotates any part connected to it.
SteppingMotor8Functions identically to a motor. It may have functioned differently in the past, but that functionality no longer seems to exist.
Unjoinable9Makes two surfaces unable to join no matter what.
SmoothNoOutlines10Same as Smooth, but removes the outlines of the surface.

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