Describes various types of user input


MouseButton10The left mouse button
MouseButton21The right mouse button
MouseButton32The middle mouse button
MouseWheel3The mouse wheel
MouseMovement4Movement of the mouse
Touch7A tap on the screen from a mobile device
Keyboard8Key press on a keyboard
Focus9The client regaining focus of the Roblox window
Accelerometer10The accelerometer of a mobile device
Gyro11The Gyroscope of a mobile device
Gamepad112Input from the 1st plugged in Gamepad
Gamepad213Input from the 2nd plugged in Gamepad
Gamepad314Input from the 3rd plugged in Gamepad
Gamepad415Input from the 4th plugged in Gamepad
Gamepad516Input from the 5th plugged in Gamepad
Gamepad617Input from the 6th plugged in Gamepad
Gamepad718Input from the 7th plugged in Gamepad
Gamepad819Input from the 8th plugged in Gamepad
TextInput20Input of Text into a text-based GuiObject. Normally this is only a Textbutton icon.pngTextBox.
None21Unknown UserInputType.

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