Datastore Errors

Error Code Error Message Notes
101 Key name can't be empty Check if the key input in the datastore function is an empty string.
101 Keyname exceeds the 50 character limit. Check if the key input into the datastore function exceeds the key length of 50.
103 Non-numeric values not allowed for OrderedDataStore. Check if the value input to the datastore function is a float.
103 Cannot store non-json types in DataStore. The value input is not supported for Datastores. Values must be one of the following: float, boolean, interger, a utf-8 String, or a list comprised of these one or more of these types.
103 result->at(0).type().tag.str + " is not allowed in DataStore" You are attempting to set a Value in an OrderedDataStore to a non-numeric value. Make sure the value being input is a numeric value so that it can be sorted in the OrderedDataStore
104 Serialized value converted byte size exceeds max size 64*1024 bytes. Character count in string cannot exceeds max size of 64*1024.
105 MinValue must be an integer.
105 MaxValue must be an integer.
106 PageSize must be with in a predefined range. The maximum page size for OrderedDatastore is 100.
301 Get request has been throttled. Attempting to call too often. Get request has been exceeded the maximum queue size. Roblox is unable to process the requests at the current level of throughput
302 Datastore Request successful, but response not formatted correctly. This occurs when the user calls this function too frequent and exceeds the threshold of function calls.
304 Transform request was dropped because request was throttled and throttled request queue was full. This occurs when the user calls this function too frequent and exceeds the threshold of function calls.
305 GetSorted request dropped. Request was throttled, but throttled request queue was full.
401 Request Failed. DataModel inaccessible when game shutting down. DataModel uninitialized. Game is shutting down.
402 Request Failed. LuaWebService inaccessible when game shutting down. LuaWebService Uninitialized. Game is shutting down.
403 Cannot write to DataStore from studio if API access is not enabled. API access must be active in order to use DataStore in Studio. To enable this, go to, click Configure Game on the desired game and toggle the "Enable Studio Access to API Service" setting in the Basic Settings tab.
404 OrderedDataStore no longer exists. The OrderedDataStore associated with this page has been removed
501 Can't parse response. System error unable to parse value from response. Data may be corrupted?
502 Datastore Request was rejected with response: %s Error occured when processing on our servers. Depending on the response the developer may want to retry their request at a later time.
502 OrderedDatastore Requests failed. %s A generic error occured when processing this request. More information regarding it will will provided.
503 Datastore Request was successful but key was not found. The key requested was not found in the DataStore. Ensure the data for the key is set first, then try again.
504 Datastore Request was successful, but response was not formatted correctly. The data retrieved from DataStore was malformed. There is a possibility of data corruption, and may require developer to reset the data.