Examples of bad places

Bad Places[edit]

These are examples of places we do not allow on ROBLOX. Please refer to the Community Guidelines to understand why.

  • Win 1000 Tickets by completing this place
  • Places about recent tragedies
  • Be a Terrorist
  • Get Married and Make Babies
  • Fun Dating Place
  • Suicide Place
  • Raise a Family
  • Auschwitz
  • China Earthquake
  • Stripper Club
  • Moe’s Tavern and Bar
  • Bulldozer maniac loose in Gaza Strip
  • Suicide bomber
  • Nazi Death Camp

OK Places[edit]

These places are allowed as long as they are not too scary, sad, or racist.

  • Escape the Titanic
  • Bloxxing places
  • Parachute out of the Hindenburg
  • Stealing a Plane
  • Noah’s Ark/ flooding
  • Hurricane Katrina Escape the Flood
  • Great California Earthquakes (1906, 1989, etc)
  • Omaha beach 1944
  • World War II Battles
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Gunfight at OK coral
  • Viet Nam River Boat / Apocalypse Now