In the real world, Fog is, according to Wikipedia "A collection of liquid water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air at or near the Earth's surface". On Roblox, you can simulate fog. The properties can be found in Lighting.

Fog on Roblox

Enabling Fog[edit]

Enabling fog is extremely easy.

  1. Open you place in Roblox Studio (Roblox Studio Help)
  2. Select the Lighting service in the Explorer Pane
  3. Adjust the fog properties (there are 3 – to see something all you need to do is set FogEnd to 100. Now you have a ton of fog.)

What the properties do:[edit]

FogColor – This is the color of the fog. For best results, use light grey or the background color of your skybox.

FogEnd – This is the distance at which the scene is 100% fogged.

FogStart – This is the distance at which the fog begins. Inside this distance you will not see fog.

About Fog[edit]

To remain compatible with older graphics cards that use a fixed-function rendering pipeline, Roblox’s fog uses linear interpolation between FogStart and FogEnd. Roblox is using GL_LINEAR.


  • Fog on Roblox will look better if you have the sky the same color as the fog itself.
  • You can also adjust the fog start.
  • Fog can make your place an adventure, especially in First Person
  • Fog can make your place seem like night (Solid Black Fog)