Group games

The group games feature allows multiple developers to work on the same game, use the same assets, share profits, and give credit to all contributors.

Create a group game

To create a group game, open an existing place, or start a new place in Studio. Then select File > Publish to Roblox As. This will open up the publishing dialog. Click on the Group Places tab to show all currently published Group Places you are allowed to edit. If you are in multiple groups you can select which group you want to publish to with the drop down menu. From here you can publish the place to a new slot or overwrite an existing place. It is recommended to consult with your group before overwriting an existing place.


Group games are not visible by default on the group's home page. To make a group game visible, go into the Admin tab for the group and select the Settings tab. Then enable Group games are visible on the group home page and click Save.


Editing permissions

The default settings allow only the owner of a group to create or edit a group game. The Group owner can manage permissions of other group members through the group's administrator page:


Whenever a member with permissions publishes an edit to a group game, those changes will overwrite whatever is currently in that game's slot. If a group has multiple developers working on the same game, it is important for those developers to coordinate so they do not overwrite each other's work.

Revenue sharing

One of the primary reasons to publish a group game is to share the revenue from the game quickly and easily. Groups have the option of paying contributors by transferring group funds in a lump sum or scheduling recurring payouts.

Only the owner of a group can setup these payments.

Transfers from the group to its members do not incur any transaction fees.

One-Time Payout

Group owners may distribute a one-time transfer of group funds to a single group member or multiple members. Funds are transferred in the form of ROBUX. Funds can be paid out as a lump sum or as a percentage of the group’s total available funds.

To make a payout to a group member, you must be the group owner. To do so, open the group's admin page, click the Payouts tab, select the Distribute button. Type the member's name in the text box, press search and then click on the member's icon. Use the drop down menus to choose which currency to pay and to choose whether the payout is a percentage or flat amount. Enter how much to award the member in the text box next to their name and press Pay when you are done.

Unlike recurring payouts, a One-Time payout does not go through escrow and are available to the awarded member right away.

One-Time Payout.png

Funds can only be distributed as whole numbers, amounts distributed by percentage will be rounded down to the nearest whole number and the remainder sent back to the group's funds.

Recurring Payout

By default, all proceeds earned by a Group Game are deposited into the group's central fund. A group owner can create recurring payouts to share these profits automatically as they are earned.

Once recurring transfers are set up, funds are automatically deposited to a member’s account as soon as the funds process through escrow. This only applies to new funds the group gets after the recurring payout is setup. If you need to distribute existing group funds, use the One-Time Payout feature.

To setup recurring distribution, the owner can open the group's admin page and click on the Payouts tab, select Reoccurring Payout, then Update to adjust the payout rate to any member in the group.

Recurring Distribution.png

Any time a change is made to the Recurring Payout of a group, any members whose payout rate has changed will get a Roblox message informing them of the change.

Conflict resolution within groups

Group ownership of games means developers can more easily collaborate on games and operate as independent game studios.

If a conflict should arise within your group, Roblox will not help arbitrate or resolve disagreements. Any technical issues should of course be reported, but any discord regarding how a group is run or organized must be settled among the group's members.