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This page is about the wearable objects and how to obtain them. For api documentation for Hat objects in game, see API:Class/Hat.
The Crown of Warlords, only one of the many hats found in the ROBLOX Catalog

Hats are items to wear on your character's headm that can be found and purchased in the catalog with Robux or Tickets. Hats were released on 2007-05-29 with the release of the Red Baseball Cap (which cost 7 R$). ROBLOX has been publishing new hats ever since the release of them. Each of these hats have their own distinct personality to help show off its wearer's personality. Hats can only be used to be put on your character and give your character no bonuses in game.

Here is an example of a hat! The full list of Hats can be found here.
Hat name Price Description
Lua Cap 750 Tickets Everyone's favorite scripting language ... now in hat form!

[edit] Limited Hats

This is the label that a limited item would have.

Limited hats are hats that were once sold, but then chosen to be put on limited sale. When put on limited sale, no new copies of this hat will be produced, and the people who bought the hat during it's sale will be able to sell the hat at a price chosen to their desire, given that the user has a form of Builders Club.

[edit] Limited Unique Hats

This is the label that a limited unique item would have.

Limited unique hats are hats that have a certain amount of copies, and when first published, are sold by the admins. All copies of a limited unique hat have a special number to it, and when a user buys the hat, he gets that specific copy of the hat. For example, if a hat is limited unique, and has only 100 copies, and you by the 50th, your hat will be designated by a #50/100. Once the hat is sold out, all owners of the hat with a Builders Club can sell the hat at a price they desire.

Because these hats have a designated number, many users try to collect limited unique hats with that specific number.

This is an example of a limited unique item.

[edit] Triple Hat Feature

After a while, wearing hats got boring to some people. This is why they created programs that allowed you to wear multiple hats. This was called a Double Hat Glitch (DHG), Triple Hat Glitch (THG), etc., based on how many you were wearing. The admins saw this and realized they needed to add the Triple Hat Feature, which would allow you to wear up to three hats without needing to use a user-made program. The Triple Hat Feature was implemented on 2010-06-08, as announced in this blog post. Go to your character page and find some neat hat combos!