How do I add Teams?

Teams is a game service that adds team functionality to a Roblox game. Team names and colors, along with all the players on that team, are visible in-game on the leaderboard.

Enable Teams[edit]

To enable teams click on the Model tab and then click the Service button in the Advanced section. Select Teams and then click Insert. The Explorer will get a new object called Teams.




Add Team[edit]

Once the Teams service has been added to the game you can add a new Team by right clicking on Teams in the Explorer and selecting Insert Object > Team.

The Team's name can be changed in the Properties window. Select the Team you want to change in the Explorer and then make sure Properties is open. The name can be changed with the Name field. The Team's color can be changed using the TeamColor field.


Spawn Locations[edit]

SpawnLocations are Roblox objects that are closely tied to teams. When a player joins a game or respawns after dying, their character will spawn at a SpawnLocation that has the same TeamColor as the player's Team.

You can create a SpawnLocation by clicking on the Model tab and then the Spawn button in the Gameplay section. If you click on the SpawnLocation and then open the Properties window, you can see the Spawn's TeamColor in the Teams section. Keep in mind this is different from the SpawnLocation's BrickColor! The BrickColor is just the displayed color of the part, it is not related to the Team. It is common convention to make sure a SpawnLocation's BrickColor is the same as its TeamColor to avoid confusion.


A player can change teams if you turn on the setting AllowTeamChangeOnTouch on a SpawnLocation. If a player steps on that spawn, then that player will join the team tied to that spawn.

Auto Assign to teams[edit]

By default, Roblox will auto assign new players to a Team. When a player joins a game with teams, the game will put the player in the team with the fewest players. If you do not want players to autojoin a team, select the Team and then open the Properties window. Make sure AutoAssignable is off.