How to make transparent shirts


Please do NOT use this tutorial for making stolen shirts transparent.

This is only one of several ways to make shirts transparent. There are many other programs out there that allow you to do this but this is a way to do it that works.

Things you need[edit]

1. Paint.NET

2. An Image to make into a shirt.


Go to the - Download Page and choose one of the "download now" buttons. Click save or open and when the download is done you should have the installer screen up, follow the instructions until it says you are done installing

Making a shirt transparent (Not just one part)[edit]

Now open Use the open command and find the image you want to make transparent. Open it. Now there should be a small partly-transperant box on the screen with the title "Layers". Click the layer "Background" and then click the picture that looks like a hand holding a paper. A box should come up. Move it out of the way of the picture but keep an eye on where it is. Now adjust the number with the name "Opacity" next to it until the picture is the transparency you want it. Now save your picture in a .png format or it will not show up transparent. Now upload it to ROBLOX. You just made a shirt transparent!

Making a shirt transparent (Only a part)[edit]

To make only a certain part of a shirt transparent you need to do the steps listed above up to the part that says to click the picture that looks like a hand holding a paper. Now, instead of clicking that picture press the "s" key on your keyboard. Select the part of the shirt you want to make transparent (it will be a square area), then press the "Delete" key on your keyboard. Continue until you have the picture the way you want it. Now save the picture in a .png format. Upload to ROBLOX. There you have it, a shirt with transparency.

A final note[edit]

This shows two different ways to make a shirt that is either 1% transparent to 100% transparent covering the whole picture or a shirt where only the parts you want to be 100% transparent are transparent. Remember the one rule when saving: If you save in any other format but .png it will NOT show up transparent when you upload it to ROBLOX.

If, for some reason, you can't download to your computer, you can get a thumbdrive. If you have one, take it up to the computer that has That option only works if you don't have internet in your room, so if you make a really cool shirt on a computer that has internet, you can use your thumbdrive.