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Surface Decals – Making a Painting

In this tutorial we will use a Decal to add a painting to our game.


Start by making a frame for your painting.

Painting Frame.png

You can make thin parts by changing the increment for Studio tools from 1 Stud to 1/5th Stud.

Next, Publish your game to Roblox. It is much easier to add an image to a published game than to an unpublished one.

Now we will add a Decal to hold an image of our painting. Right click on the back panel of our frame, hover over Insert Object, and click on Decal.


Open the Explorer and Properties window. Find the Decal that was just inserted and make sure it is selected.

In the Properties window, click to the right of the Texture property and then click on Add Image... from the menu that opens.


This will open a window to select the image from a local file on your computer. Click on Choose File and find the image you want on your hard drive.


When you have selected the file you want, click the Create button. In a few seconds your image will appear in the decal.


And now we have a beautiful painting in our game! Keep in mind you can use decals to insert all kinds of images, they don't just have to be paintings!

There is a good chance that the image will appear on a different face of your frame than you intended. If you follow the above steps and the image doesn't appear, select the Decal in the Explorer. An orange box will appear in the 3D view. This box shows the face that the decal is currently attached to.


Notice how if we look at that face in the 3D view, the image is indeed there - compressed to try to fit on the face.


The simple fix for this is to change the face the decal is attached to. With the decal selected in the Explorer window, look at the Face property in the Properties window. By default a Decal will attach to the front face of a part. In the above case, the front face is that narrow strip. Change the value of Face until the decal appears on the side you want. In the above case, we need to change the face to Left, but it may be different in your game.