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Terrain Building – Making a River

Making landscapes is very easy with the Terrain tool. In this tutorial we will make a river in our game.

Start by moving the camera in Studio so you are looking straight down at the world.

MAR LookingDown.png

On the Home tab, press the TerrainSmallAddButton.png button. Your cursor will turn into a large blue circle and a new menu will pop-up on the left. In this menu we can select which kind of terrain we want to add to our game. We want to start by adding grass, which is the default for the tool. Click and drag in the 3D view and grass will be added under your cursor.

MAR AddGrass.png

Keep adding grass until you have a large area of grass filled in.

MAR GrassFill.png

Now we will add the water for the river. Click on the TerrainSmallPaintButton.png button. In the Paint menu, click on the water material.

MAR SelectWater.png

Now, click and drag a line across the grass to change it into water.

MAR PaintWater.png

Next we will add a small strip of sand on either side of the river. Change the paint material to Sand, and make the brush smaller by dragging the slider next to Size to the left.

MAR SelectSand.png

Click and drag over the grass on either side of the river to change it to sand.

MAR PaintSand.png

We now have a beautiful river in our game!

MAR River.png

Next Steps

Experiment with the other terrain tools. We can add a hill next to our river using the TerrainSmallGrowButton.png button. If you make the hill too big you can shrink it with the TerrainSmallErodeButton.png button, or smooth out sharp corners with the TerrainSmallSmoothButton.png button.

MAR Hill.png

Lastly, if you want to make a large region of terrain quickly without having to manually add it, use the TerrainSmallGenerateButton.png button. This randomly generates a landscape for you. There are many ways to configure this generation, try moving the sliders in the generate menu to see what kind of terrain you get!

MAR Generate.png