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[-]Studio Overview

ROBLOX Studio is the program used to develop games on ROBLOX. Studio is an all-in-one tool to build, script, and test games.

The menu on the left goes over the various aspects of Studio. It explains Studio's interface, how to create games, test them, and publish them to the ROBLOX website.

Quick Start Guide

To create a new Roblox game, first open Roblox Studio. If you have already played a Roblox game, Studio will have been installed automatically. If not, you can get Studio by navigating to and clicking on the Download link.


When you open Studio, you will see the welcome page. This page lets you create new games, open your existing games, and browse recent Wiki articles. To create a new game, click on one of the Game Templates. There are many to choose from: the Basic templates contain empty games, the Theme templates contain pre-built games based on a specific setting, and the Gameplay templates that have custom gameplay built-in.

Camera controls

The camera in Studio is free floating and can move anywhere you need it to go. By right clicking and dragging your mouse in the 3D view you can rotate the camera in place. You can zoom the camera in and out using the scroll wheel.

You can also move the camera with key commands. The camera moves forward and backward with the W and S keys, side to side with the A and D keys, and up and down with the E and Q keys. If you hold down ⇧ Shift while moving the camera it will move slower.

You can also rotate the camera with key commands. Pressing , and . will rotate the camera in place, and Page Up and Page Down will pitch the camera up and down.

Focus camera

You can also focus the camera on objects in the 3D view. After clicking on a Part or Model, press the F key. This will focus the camera on your selection and will snap the camera in for a closer look. If you use the rotation controls (,, ., Page Up, Page Down or right click and drag) the camera will rotate about your selection.

You can exit the focus mode by using one of the movement keys: W,A,S,D,Q,E.

Creating new parts

Click on the Part button to insert a new part into the game. You can click on the arrow below the Part button to insert different shaped parts: Part, Sphere, Wedge, and Cylinder.


Modifying Parts

You can move a part by clicking on it and dragging it around. You can also move the part with the Move and Rotate tools. You can change how a part looks with the Scale, Color, and Material tools.

The Move tool let you move a selected part along an axis by dragging on the corresponding arrow.

MoveTool.png MoveToolSelected.png

The Rotate tool lets you rotate a selected part about three axes by dragging the circular handles.


The Scale tool lets you resize a selected part by dragging on the circular handles.


The Color tool lets you change the color of a part by clicking on the part and then on the Color tool.


The Material tool lets you change the material of a part by clicking on the part and then on the Material tool.


If you don't like selecting the part before changing the color or material, click on the Actions as Tools button and check both boxes.



The Toolbox contains a library of Models and Decals made by Roblox community members. These assets are free to use in your games. Later, when you start publishing your own models, you will be able to access them in the Toolbox as well. Clicking on an asset in the Toolbox will insert it into your game.

Several models in the toolbox are marked as "High-Quality" and display a shield icon: IMG ApprovedModelIcon.png. These models have been checked by Roblox to ensure quality and will work straight out of the box.

If you close the Toolbox, you can open it again with the Toolbox button.


You can play your game inside of Studio. When you want to start playing your game, press the Play button. This will insert your character into your game.


When you are done playing and want to edit your game again, press the Stop button. This will undo any changes that were made while playing.


Save Frequently

It is quick and easy to save your game on Roblox’s servers. To save in Studio first select File > Publish to Roblox as, then click one one of the slots to save in. If you choose a new place you will be prompted to give your game a name and description. Alternatively, you can click on one of your existing save slots to overwrite the game that is currently saved there. Keep in mind there is no limit to how many save slots you can use on Roblox.

You should save your work often!