Manual/Studio Overview/Customization/Hotkeys

Roblox Studio has many shortcuts and key commands you can use to make development quicker and easier.


Action Shortcut Description
Move Forward W Moves the camera forward.
Move Backward S Moves the camera backward.
Move Left A Moves the camera left.
Move Right D Moves the camera right.
Move Down Q Moves the camera down.
Move Up E Moves the camera up.
Move Slower ⇧ Shift + Movement key Moves camera slower while held.
Focus F Snaps camera and sets focus to the selected object. Moving the camera breaks focus.
Rotate Left , Rotates the camera left. If a Part/Model is in focus rotates counterclockwise about the selection.
Rotate Right . Rotates the camera right. If a Part/Model is in focus rotates clockwise about the selection.
Pitch Down Page Up Pitches the camera down. If a Part/Model is in focus pitches down about the selection.
Pitch Up Page Down Pitches the camera up. If a Part/Model is in focus pitches up about the selection.

Selection and Dragging[edit]

Action Shortcut Description
Select Tool Ctrl+1 Lets you select and drag a Part.
Move Tool Ctrl+2 Lets you move a selected Part along an axis by dragging on the corresponding arrow.
Scale Tool Ctrl+3 Lets you resize a selected Part by dragging on the circular handles.
Rotate Tool Ctrl+4 Lets you rotate a selected Part about three axes by dragging the circular handles.
Select in Model Alt + Left Click Selects an individual Part in a Model (as opposed to selecting the entire Model).
Rotate about Y Ctrl+R Rotates selection about Y axis. Can also press R while dragging for same effect.
Rotate about X Ctrl+T Rotates selection about X axis. Can also press T while dragging for same effect.
Toggle Local Ctrl+L Toggles Move and Rotate tools between local and world coordinates.
Group Ctrl+G Groups the current selection into a new Model.
Ungroup Ctrl+U Ungroups the currently selected Models.


Action Shortcut Description
Play/Pause F5 Starts playing your game in Studio. Pressing again will pause the simulation.
Stop ⇧ Shift+F5 Stops simulation of your game and allows you to resume editing.
Start Server and Player F7 Simulates the Roblox environment by starting two new sessions of Studio: one running a virtual server and the other a virtual client.


Action Shortcut Description
Indent Tab ⇆ Adds an indentation. Can also be used on a selected block of text to indent every selected line.
Unindent ⇧ Shift+Tab ⇆ Removes and indentation. Can also be used on a selected block of text to remove an indentation from every selected line.
Find in Script Ctrl+F Finds the specified string in the currently open Script.
Find in All Scripts Ctrl+⇧ Shift+F Finds the specified string in all Scripts in the currently open Place.
Find and Replace Ctrl+H Finds the specified string in the currently open Script and allows you to replace it with the specified replacement string.
Go to Line Ctrl+G Move the cursor to the specified line number in the currently open Script.
Script Zoom Ctrl+Mousewheel up/down Zooms the script view in and out.


Action Shortcut Description
Publish to Roblox as Alt+⇧ Shift+P Publishes the currently open Place to a new slot on Roblox.
Publish to Roblox Alt+P Publishes the currently open Place to its slot (must have already been published before).
Insert Object Ctrl+I Opens the Advanced Objects window for quick insertion of objects. After opening, type the name of the object you want to insert and then press ↵ Enter to insert into the current selection.
Paste Into Ctrl+⇧ Shift+V Pastes the object currently in the clipboard (either from a Cut or Copy) into the selected object.
Duplicate Ctrl+D Creates a clone of the current selection and puts the clone at the original's level in the Explorer hierarchy.
Cycle Tabs Ctrl+Tab ⇆ Cycles through open tabs in Studio.

Customizing Shortcuts[edit]

All of the shortcuts in Studio can be customized for your convenience. There are also many Studio actions do not have default shortcuts but can be bound to whatever you want. To customize the Studio shortcuts, click on the File menu, select Advanced and then Customize Shortcuts...". This will let you see what all of the current shortcuts are and will let you modify the bindings for any Studio action.