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Manual/Studio Overview/Interface/Plugins

Studio Overview – Plugins Tab

The Plugins tab contains tools to manage Plugins. Any installed plugins can also add buttons to this tab.


Sections and Tools

The Plugins tab includes the following sections and tools:


The Tools section contains tools for managing plugins.

Icon Action Description
ST-Manage-Plugins.png Manage Plugins Allows you to find new plugins published to Roblox and enable/disable installed plugins.
ST-Plugins-Folder.png Plugins Folder Opens the plugins folder on your local machine to manually install plugins.


The Animations section contains tools related to animation.

Icon Action Description
ST-Animation-Editor.png Animation Editor Opens the Animation Editor which lets you create, preview, and publish animations for character rigs.
ST-Rig-Builder.png Rig Builder Opens the Rig Builder UI which lets you insert rigs to animate.

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