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Manual/Studio Overview/Interface/Test

The Test tab contains tools for gameplay testing.



The Simulation menu allows you to start and stop the simulation of your game.

Action Description
Play Starts simulating the game and inserts your character. The drop down allows you to select Run which will start simulating the place but will not insert your character.
Run Script Runs a Script located in a file on your local machine.
Pause Pauses the simulation of the game running but does not reset the state. Pressing Play or Run will resume the simulation.
Stop Stops simulation of the game and resets all Parts and Instances of the the game to how they were before Play or Run was pressed.

Clients and Servers

The Clients and Servers menu lets you run a more realistic simulation of the game by creating a virtual server and virtual clients to connect to it.

Action Description
Pair Test Device Generates a code that you can use with the Roblox Developer iOS app to test games on your iOS device.
Start Starts up new sessions of studio for the server and clients. If the Server button is checked then a server session will be created. If unchecked, the Start button will only create players and add them to the currently running simulation.
Players Lets you select how many new players will be added when Start is pressed.
Cleanup Closes all simulating client and server sessions of Studio.


The Emulation menu allows you simulate various devices to test your game across different form factors.

Action Description
Choose Device Allows for you to select what device display studio should mimic. More devices can be added by selecting Manage Devices in the drop-down, which will allow you to manually add a device.


The Audio menu allows you to toggle whether in-game Sounds play in Studio.

Action Description
Mute Toggles whether in-game Sounds play in Studio.