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Manual/Studio Overview/Interface/Toolbox

The Toolbox contains a library of Models and Decals made by ROBLOX community members. These assets are free to use in your games. The toolbox also includes all of the Models and Decals you have published so you can quickly and easily use them in multiple games. Clicking on an asset in the Toolbox will insert it into your game.

The Toolbox is sorted in to several different categories:

Category Description
Decals Decals published by the community.
Models Models published by the community.
My Decals Decals you have published or taken from the website's library.
My Models Models you have published or taken from the website's library.
Recent Decals Decals you have used recently.
Recent Models Models you have used recently.
ROBLOX Sets Several sets of models published by ROBLOX.

High-Quality items

Several models in the toolbox are marked as "High-Quality" and display a shield icon: IMG ApprovedModelIcon.png. These models have been vetted to ensure quality and will work with most games.

Many High-Quality items are configurable. A High-Quality model that has custom behavior will often include a Configuration with various settings. All of these settings will be a "Value" type instance (such as BoolValue, IntValue, etc).

Example of a High-Quality model with Configuration.