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The View tab allows you to toggle the various windows of Studio, as well as several display features.



The Show toolbar lets you toggle specific windows within Studio

Action Description
Explorer Shows a window containing a hierarchical info chart about all of the Instances and Services in the place. See Explorer for more info.
Properties Shows all of the properties of the selected object. See Properties for more info.
Start Page Used to create and open games.
Game Explorer Used to manage a published game as well as the game's developer products and images. See Game Explorer for more info.
Toolbox Contains all of your models and decals, as well as all of the models in Roblox's library. See Toolbox for more info.
Context Help Shows the Wiki page for the currently selected object. Highlighting a phrase in a script will search the Wiki and display the result in this window.
Tutorials Shows a selection of Tutorials on how to get started with Studio.
Object Browser Shows information on every object, class, and enum in Roblox.
Output Shows any errors, warnings or prints from running scripts.
Script Analysis Shows script errors and warnings without having to start running the game.
Command Bar Used to execute Lua code outside of Scripts.
Breakpoints Displays all of the breakpoints in your scripts.
Call Stack Shows where in the code your game currently is when paused.
Watch Shows all the watched variables and conditions.
Diagnostics Shows feedback about the status of your game while it is running.
Task Scheduler Shows feedback on looping services in your game while it is running.
Script Performance Shows CPU usage of scripts.
Find Results Displays the results from searching with Ctrl+⇧ Shift+F.
Team Create Allows you to collaboratively edit the place with other Roblox users.
Chat Allows you to chat with other editors of the place. Only available if Team Create is currently enabled.


The Actions menu contains recording tools and Studio display options.

Action Description
Display Axis Toggles display of a three-axis diagram at the bottom-left hand corner of Studio.
Full Screen Toggles Studio between fullscreen and windowed modes.
Screen Shot Takes a screenshot of the current view.
Record Video Toggles recording of a video of Studio. When toggled on a video will start recording and outlines Studio's display with a red border. When toggled again the video stops recording


The Settings menu includes tools for view adjustment within your place.

Action Description
2 Studs If Show Grid is on then sets the grid lines to be 2 studs apart.
4 Studs If Show Grid is on then sets the grid lines to be 4 studs apart.
16 Studs If Show Grid is on then sets the grid lines to be 16 studs apart.
Show Grid Toggles a XZ grid which is overlayed on the workspace.
Switch Windows Lets you alternate between multiple windows and tabs currently open in Studio.


The Stats menu toggles displays showing diagnostic information.

Action Description
Stats Shows general information.
Render Shows display information.
Physics Shows physics simulation information.
Network Shows network information.
Summary Shows high level information.
Custom Shows a customized statistics spreadsheet
Clear Removes all stats from the screen