Performance Filtering

Mobile devices often do not have the same performance capabilities of computers or consoles. A game might run well on a PC or Xbox, but struggle on a phone or tablet, particularly if the game is very large or uses many assets. The Roblox mobile app checks the performance of games when it is creating sorts, such as the popular sort. If a game crashes too much on a device, then that game will be hidden from sorts on that device.

As a developer, it is important to know if your game is crashing. If your game does not show up in the Roblox app because it is crashing, then it will be harder for players to find and enjoy your game.

Checking if your Game Crashes[edit]

To check if your game is crashing on mobile devices, go to the Developer Stats page for your game. To open the developer stats for a game, go to the game’s web page, click on the button and select Developer Stats.


The Developer Statistics page has all kinds of important information about your game, but in particular it shows information about filtered devices. The Filtered Devices section shows which devices your game is filtered on (does not show up in their sorts) and also how much the game is crashing on those devices.


Fixing Crashing Games[edit]

While there is no catch-all solution to game crashes, the most common cause on mobile devices is memory usage. Phones and tablets have very little amounts of memory, and if a game uses too much then it can crash. The Memory Analyzer shows how much memory a game uses and which parts of the game are using the most memory.

Once you have made fixes and optimizations to your game, be sure to publish the changes. The crash filters will reset when a new version of a game is published, and the game will show up in sorts again.