Performance and Optimization

How to avoid common pitfalls and make your game the best it can be.

  • Improving Performance
    Tips and general advice about how to improve game speed and performance.
  • Fighting Lag
    How to gracefully handle network lag in your games.
  • Game Security
    General tips and precautions related to game security.
  • Text Filtering
    Learn how to keep games safe and secure by applying proper text filtering.
  • Debugging
    Explore some methods of testing and debugging your game.
  • Memory Management
    Tips to help you monitor and manage memory usage.
  • Memory Analyzer
    How to use memory analyzer tools to monitor memory.
  • Performance Filtering
    Monitor game crashes using the Developer Stats page.
  • MicroProfiler
    The MicroProfiler is an advanced tool to analyze and debug client-side performance problems.
  • Using Google Analytics
    Explore how analytics can help you fine-tune and improve your games.

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