Properties panel

The Properties Window lets you see all of the properties of the current object you have selected. The picture to the right shows all the properties of a Part that was clicked on.

Clicking on an object in the 3D view or the Explorer Window let you see the properties. You can modify many properties from this panel. For a detailed description of properties and objects, take a look at the Class Reference.

A place's objects in the Explorer Window.

Properties, and You![edit]


The Properties of an object in Roblox describe how that object looks and behaves. For example, a Part has properties such as Position, Material, and Size which determine where the Part is and how it appears. All of the properties of an object can be viewed in the Properties window. After clicking a part, the Properties window will show all of the information about that part. Here you can view and edit the properties of an object. In fact, any changes you make with a tool, such as the tools described in Creating a new game can be made by manipulating the values inside the Properties window.

To open the Properties window, click on the View tab and then click the Properties button.



  • Some properties cannot be edited from this window. These properties will be grayed out in the window.