Updated iOS textures to address artifacts with compressed textures. LiveStatus.PNG
Quality level slider is now available on mobile in Settings menu. LiveStatus.PNG
Improved join time for high latency networks. LiveStatus.PNG
Added an option to delete a range of items from Game Explorer. Select items using Ctrl/Cmd or/and Shift and use context menu to delete them. PendingStatus.PNG
Faster and less memory intensive Collision Detection system. LiveStatus.PNG
More precise collisions (Objects should no longer intersect as much) PendingStatus.PNG
TextBox.PlaceholderText allows you to specify a string to be rendered on TextBox if TextBox.Text is the empty string. TextBox.PlaceholderTextColor3 allows you to specify that text's color. PendingStatus.PNG
New warnings when datastore requests are throttled LiveStatus.PNG
Messaging more clear when attempting to save an array with instances in it to a datastore. PendingStatus.PNG
Added GamePadInputEnabled, ScrollWheelInputEnabled, and TouchInputEnabled to UIPageLayout. LiveStatus.PNG
Added mobile keyboard when emulating mobile in Studio. LiveStatus.PNG


Disabled compressed diffuse texture obj export (until related issues are resolved). LiveStatus.PNG
Players:CreateLocalPlayer is no longer available for use from plugins LiveStatus.PNG
StarterPlayerScript and StarterCharacterScripts are now locked. They cannot be removed or moved. In addition, new instances cannot be added to StarterPlayer. PendingStatus.PNG


Fixed a crash when trying to render AdornHandles extremely far away from camera. LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed issues with AlignPosition and AlignOrientation when ReactionForce is disabled. LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed issue with instancing: some stats for Shift+F2 panel. LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed issue with instancing: fixed "transparency hack" to work at 0.01 transparency like it was before. LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed issue with instancing: fixed neon not showing up on meshes/CSGs unless regular parts with neon were on screen. LiveStatus.PNG
Tapping outside a textbox with touch input will now properly defocus the textbox. LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed slow loading for large number of assets in Game Explorer. PendingStatus.PNG
For linked scripts fixed "updated" indication in Game Explorer. PendingStatus.PNG
Fixed a problem with the Physics Analyzer that was not catching physics issues. LiveStatus.PNG
Publish your place... link in Game Explorer will go away once the place is published as it used to be LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed an issue with tabbing in the embedded find widget. LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed the issue where the mouse cursor was not displayed correctly when using surface and constraint tools. LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed inconsistent behavior of Hinge and Motor surface tool. LiveStatus.PNG