Resetting is part of Roblox's terminology. Resetting in Roblox can refer to many things. You can reset a place to a default baseplate. You can reset studio mode after clicking play. But generally, resetting refers to killing your player so you respawn. To do so, click the menu button in a Roblox game. Then, proceed to click the reset button, then confirm. This feature is built into all Roblox places, and for developers who don't want players to randomly die, can be extremely annoying. There are several ways to prevent it from working, even though doing so is strongly not recommended and it is recommended to instead try to adapt your game.

  • Change the Humanoid's name in the player's character. This may, however, break some scripts in your game, so be careful. Use the below script in a LocalScript to achieve this:
-- Use in a local script --
repeat wait(0.03) until game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character and game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") --Wait until the player's character loads.  
game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.Humanoid.Name = "NewHumanoid" -- Rename to your desire.
-- Use in a Local Script --
repeat wait(0.03) until game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character
game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character:BreakJoints() --Effectively kills the player
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