Roblox Video Tutorials

Roblox Studio Basics


Learn the basics of the Roblox Studio interface and how to move the camera around.

VT-Move-Tool.png Learn how to move parts around in Roblox Studio and fine-tune part positioning.
VT-Color-Tool.png Discover how to change the color of one or more parts with just a few clicks.

Machines and Contraptions


This video demonstrates how to use hinges to create a revolving door.

VT-Water-Wheel.png Discover how a hinge can be turned into a powered motor that turns a large water wheel.
VT-Making-a-Car.png In this two-part series, discover how to set up the joints and seat to create a simple car.

Scripting Essentials


Learn how to get started with scripting and basic commands in Roblox.

VT-Change-Properties.png Knowing how to change properties through code is a key component of programming in Roblox.
VT-Add-Script.png In this video, learn how to create a script file to run Lua code when the game starts.

Scripting in Practice


In this series, learn how to code a day/night cycle using scripts.

VT-Round-Based-Game.png In this series, learn how to create a round-based game with explosive objects falling from the sky.
VT-Traffic-Lights.png In this series, explore how to build traffic lights that behave just like those in the real world.